Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Peeza Place

Last night was one of those nights. You know, the one where you are so tired that you just can't get off your rear to cook dinner. It happens about once a week for us, and yesterday was that night.

I got home last, as usual. John asked me where I wanted to eat. I was not super hungry because I had a late lunch, so I told him. He didn't know what he wanted either, so we asked Joshua to pick and he insisted on Pizza, or PEEZA, as he calls it.

On our way to the Pizza place, we tried to change his mind bribing him with burgers, fries and the wonderful play ground at Chick Fil A. Nothing worked. We were defeated by a two year old.

We hung our heads and walked in Cici's Pizza. I despise going there, but our regular Pizza joint is too expensive to go to on a non-buffet night. I fix Joshua's plate, however he is more interested in the games than the Pizza. He nibbles on a few things, but doesn't really eat at all. He rides the Spider man ride, he wins a alien ball.. however, the pizza he so badly had to have sits.. untouched.

Promptly finishing our dinner, John and I get ready to leave. It is only then that Joshua decides he wants to eat. I decide to sit down and wait for Joshua to finish eating. As fast as i sit, he is back to playing games in the game room. I decide we are not playing this game and tell John to head to the front door for a prize. I said this loud enough for Joshua to hear and told him that we were leaving and we were getting our prize on the way out. Joshua again takes a bite and runs into the game room. We walk off and it is only then that he realizes we are serious. Instead of coming to join us, he grabs everything on the table.

When I say everything.. I mean everything. Screaming at us to not leave him there at the restaurant.. in his left hand he holds everything on his plate, pizza, bread sticks, carrots, and anything else left on his plate, in the right hand was his sippy cup. Begging us to not leave him and running at us with food only made us giggle. At this moment in time the PEEZA monster belongs to us and we couldn't love him more.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Life of A Busy Mom

I sit here contemplating whether to write a book to catch you up on everything that has happened between my last post to now. The reality is.. I am too busy. Being a working mom who is on the road about 3 hours a day, I would honestly rather spend more time with my family than spend every night trying to keep up with the coming and goings of a busy household with two working parents. It's hard.

Joshua is growing up so fast though, faster than I could of ever imagined. I can also say that I love this age. His personality is coming out more than ever, and boy is he funny. Although I don't have the time to catch you up on everything, I am going to try to post more. I love all the little stories that this kid comes up with and I want to share them with everyone.