Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Carnival

After Elmo live, Mommy had to go to the mall to get herself some makeup. At the small, they had a small carnival going on. Of course, Joshua couldn't pass it up, so we let him pick out two rides. His first ride was the train because as most of us know, he is a train fanatic. His second ride was a surprise.. he chose the Dumbo ride. After a few minutes, he was scared.. like screaming at us.. "Mom and Dad, Get me out!!!" scared. He did not like it.

Here are a few snap shots. I think he had a lot of fun.

Seven On Sundays

All photos this week are from Elmo Live. Joshua had such a blast, he basically stood the whole time and danced the evening away. He has been raving about it ever since and asks when we can go back. Mom gave us the tickets to go see this show.. Good choice Mom!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seven On Sundays

1. Watching Scooby Doo before church.
2. His new hair do.
3. Helping with the groceries.
4. The Fruit Loops go in the frige mom!!
5. New Flip Flops from Old Navy.
6. Messing with Mommy's new rubber mulch.
7. Making a mess for Daddy to clean up.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Crayola Water Fun

Joshua and I have been having a blast with his new crayola crab for the bath. It has crayons, paint and ink all inside that wonderful little crab. I love to draw and Joshua loves to give me instructions on what to draw, and what colors things should be.

Here is his pictures of Mommy and Daddy that he requested.. I think it really does look like me!

This was his "I Love Mom" tattoo. I told him this was the ONLY tattoo he was ever allowed to have.

Finally, we have evil Joshua. I just thought this was too funny and I can't believe he even let me do this to him.. I feel like doing my evil laugh right now... Mwhahahahha.... haha!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Love Bug Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!

John of course already gave me the earrings, but he also surpised me with these... Yum!! .. My favorite!!

Joshua also had already gotten his Valentine gift, but he woke up to this....

Joshua loot from his Valentine party at school. First Valentine's party ever!!

Opening his gift from Granna and Papa.

He loves his new game.. and of course the candy. Thanks Mom... now I will have a super hyper kid. I am saving the candy for right before we drop him off at your house for the night.

Hope everyone's day was as great as ours.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The 4 Wheeler

What boy doesn't love a ride on a 4 Wheeler. Even as a girl, I know I do.

Today Cole and Joshua both went for rides on the big 4 Wheeler. This was Cole's first ride ever on the 4 wheeler. He was so excited and smiling the whole time.

And then it was Joshua's turn to ride.

Cole spotted Joshua's smaller 4 wheeler and wanted on it. He is so adorable and we are so lucky to have such great neighbors.

The New Flowers

We are late on planting our pansy's this year.. very very late.. but we have been busy and it's been too cold for us to go outside. Yes, we are Texans, we freeze in 65 degree weather. At least I know I do.

Either way, we finally got them planted and they are so cute. Joshua wanted to help too.

Unfortunately, because he is a boy though, he was much more interested in the dirt than he was planting flowers. He was using his spade to take the dirt and throw it outside of the flower bed.

After we finished planting, we played chased. He is super fast.. or as he says.. "Mom, I'm SUPER JOWAH!!"

The Valentine Cards

Today, Joshua and I finished making his party bags for Valentine's day. Joshua loved helping, but got really upset when he realized that he couldn't have one today. He kept saying that they were all his and that he didnt want to share with his friends.

We even had a little meltdown...

but we ended up having a great time putting them together and they turned out super cute!

There are 22 kids in his class.. including him!

Coloring hearts for his friends.

They turned out adorable.. see...

The Buffet

This was lunch for Joshua today...

Yes count them... 1... 2... 3 plates... and 1 To Go Box.

I think it's time for us to stop going to eat at places with buffets... haha!

The Pre-Valentine's Day

So, the big box came in the mail. The two year old saw it. The two year old wanted to know what was inside.... seriously... he could be Curious Joshua instead of Curious George. So.. what do Mommy and Daddy do? We made him wait only a day... haha. We couldn't wait either.. we were excited for this... his Valentine's gift from the both of us.

What is it? ...he asks as he opens it...

Me: Bath colors!

Joshua: Umm.. ok.

Me: You want to go take a bath and play with them?

Joshua: Yes I do Mom.

The coloring caddy.

His beautiful artwork.. with a little of Mommy's help.

So I really think I was more excited than he was about these. They are way cool and way fun. I just hope this doesn't encourage him to draw on the walls anywhere else in the house... otherwise.. Daddy will not be happy with Mommy or Joshua. haha. Oh well.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Week Gone By

So, all I can really say is that these last two weeks have flown by. Joshua's surgery.. Bad weather days... Joshua being sick every day at school... it was just not what I had planned. Plus, I can barely hold my head up without wanting to take a nap. I got my IUD removed recently because it was infected. The doctor decided that going back to a pill was the best idea for me. I didn't agree, but I really had no choice at this point. So.. my new medicine makes me just want to sleep.. sleep all day.. sleep all night.. sleep during work. My body is tired. I don't like this feeling, but everything I read says that it will pass in three months. I am holding onto that.

Here are a few pics from being home with my sick baby this week.

I went into work Monday and was sat down with two of the bosses of the company. I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out good. I was promoted and am now working out of the corporate office.. I still not sure what my title is.. but if I had to make one up for myself.. it would be something like... Accounts Receivable Manager... or something of the sorts. Either way.. I am having fun and enjoy working with the girls in the office.

Although Joshua has been sick this whole week with high temperature, I managed to run up to his school and get a list of his friends names so that we can make goody bags for his Valentine's party on Monday. I went and bought all the goodies, but Joshua just wanted them all for himself.. so... as soon as I got home and showed him what I purchased.. we had the make the bags. Granna was still there because she had been watching Joshua all day while we were at work, so Granna helped too. Making the bags helped him understand that these were for his friends. Plus.. he got to keep the left over toys.. so it was a bonus for him. We still have a few things to add to the bags, but we are off to a great start.

Well, I should get off here.. and start the day.. or take a nap.. I'm so tired.. I hope this feeling passes soon... very soon..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Pillow Pet

Today, a box came in the mail with Joshua's name on it. He was so excited saying "FOR ME??" as loud as he could. Like a kid in the candy store, he tried to open the box from Aunt Kathi and Uncle George.

After finally figuring out how to get all the tape off.. the moment had arrived... he opened the box...

And gasped... "WOW MOMMY!! Mom it's a dog."

I corrected him as he pulled it out and saw it was a horse.

"I love my horse!" he exclaimed as he planted a big kiss on his nose.

He has wanted one of these for months, and we knew it was on it's way, so trying to get a two year old to understand that he doesn't need one was ... well... a fight. Thankfully now he has his pillow pet.. and is one happy little boy.

Thank you Aunt Kathi and Uncle George!!