Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Month of December

December. A very busy month. The Decorating. The Food. The Family. The Friends. It's a wonderful month, my favorite in fact.

This December started out as every December usually does for us. We vacationed in Fredricksburg, Texas. Our cottage was adorable and only a block away from main street, which made everything so much easier on us. We could come and go as we please at our own pace. The lighted parade was so much fun, Joshua jumped and cheered as we watch about 4 Frosty the snowman's and 3 Santa's drive by. I am actually surprised he didn't get confused. They should really limit the amount of characters they allow to dress up. Food was great, and shopping was fun. The only downside is that I happened to get clipped by a truck. Yes, that is right, a truck. Some teenager came barreling out of an alley way and clipped my left arm. I screamed and it scared the jeebeez out of me, but I was lucky and only walked away with a few scratches. If anything, a life lesson came out of this. Joshua now holds hands as we cross the road while saying "you get hit by car mama? huh?" It just makes me smile.

Our next adventure was to Kemah Aquarium, where Joshua had breakfast with Santa. He shrieked in pure delight as the most realistic Santa Claus came from the back. I know Santa is real, but I know Santa sometimes has body doubles. I truly believe this is the real Santa. (wink, wink) The breakfast was amazing, it was buffet style and had everything you could ever want. There was even a man who stood there and made omelets out of anything you wanted. Yum!! Besides Joshua getting to sit on Santa's lap, the coolest part of everything was that Santa got into the Aquarium tank and swam with the fishes.. or as Joshua calls them, "wishes."

The day after going to Kemah, we found ourselves at the Fabre family Christmas party. December was already halfway over!! Time was passing fast. Joshua loved playing with his cousins so much, and was so excited to finally get to open some presents. He tore through them as fast as possible and just kept asking for more. Spoiled much??

Finally, the day had arrived. The cookies and milk were out. Joshua was nestled all snug in his bed, while vision of Buzz Lightyear danced in his head. And I with my Snowman PJ's, and John with some sweats, went to work to make sure that everything was perfect the next morning. It was. My family got there just in time to see Joshua get up and just gaze in bewilderment as he realized that all these toys were for him. Present after present, he got more excited.. until our little man also got tired. Finally, the present king was defeated and the idea of opening more was just not interesting. We won. I am not really sure what we won... our pocketbooks are now empty. However, it was truly a wonderful Christmas and I am already looking forward to next year.