Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seven On Sundays

1. Playing on the playground.
2. Catching the water.
3. Chasing Landon.
4. Playing in the water.
5. Landon's Birthday cake.
6. Joshua loved the punch.
7. Landon's new dirk bike.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Adjustment

My husband is gone.

Out in the big blue.

The Ocean.

He took a new job. More money... better benefits.. I might be able to be an at home mom again.

We will see.....

But I have so much to blog about. I am just adjusting to life as a semi-single parent. I don't know how other ladies do this.. its hard... really hard.

So bear with me.. I have lots to tell you.. lots to write about.   In the mean time though I am enjoying reading all your blogs.. and yes, I am reading them all. I still cannot comment... crazy blogger!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Thrift Store

The very first time I remember going to a Thrift store was back in 2001 in Corpus Christi. My friends had heard that this Salvation Army way on the other side of town had a bunch of clothes that were really nice. We heard it was a dumping ground for the elite of Corpus.

We went... we picked up a few things.. and left... no biggie.  I wasn't super impressed... so I have never been back to another one.. until now..

They opened a super center in Baytown.. its been open for a while, but I have never really had the chance to drop in.. until my mother in law and my niece and nephew came to visit. We were eating in a nearby restaurant, so I asked them if it were ok to drop by.. they loved the idea.

We went in.. and I couldn't believe my eyes.. it certainly was a  very big store...

I didn't find anything for myself, but I did find a huge laundry basket that I am going to use to put the throw pillows from my bed when they are not in use.

As you can tell, Shelby was excited about my laundry basket.. haha.

Joshua had so much fun trying on different outfits. He was so funny, he would go into the dressing room, put on some clothing and come out and ask Meema, "Whatcha think 'bout this?"

He loved this old lady hat.. I had to hide it before checkout..

I think we all had a blast. We probably spent 2 hours in there just browsing around. They had some really great stuff. Shelby got a ton of clothes with tags still on it!! Lucky girl!! 

Come winter.. you will probably find me at the Salvation Army.. looking for new winter and workout clothes.

The Cake Disaster

"Mommy! I want some cake"

"In a minute!"  (I was washing dishes)

"No Mommy, I want cake now!"

"Ok, can you hang on, I am almost finished."

"Fine.... I want this!"

He grabbed for his new Mobigo.. still in a box.

I have no idea why the cake was sitting on top of the Mobigo box. His Meema had just finished cutting him a piece, and I guess she didn't really pay attention to where it was laying.. no big deal though.. I do it all the time. However, when you swipe something that is under something else... a lot of times the item that was on top will tumble to the ground.

In this case.... it happened.

Yep.. the thing on top fell.

The Cake came crashing down.

"Oh No, it's ruined!" exclaimed the little person.

And this my dear... is why I asked you to wait.

But his cousin Shelby had a better idea....

Floor food... Gross!

But she is old enough to eat what she wants.. I guess.

Seven On Sunday

1. Scooby Doo Swamp Land
2. Hot Wheels
3. New Toys!
4. The Men go marching one by one!
5. Playing with Roby at Double Daves.
6. My messy living room.. which he thinks is his toy dumping ground.
7. Scooby Doo visits the firehouse.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Third Birthday Party

I have been meaning to get these pictures up sooner, but with so much going on.. its been hard to even sort through the over 700 pictures I had. There were too many that I loved.. so this post is very picture heavy.

The location was perfect. The food was so awesome. The activities were fun.

But the best part? Our friends and family.  (82 people this year)

Thank you all who showed up to celebrate his special day.
Thank you to Jeremiah and Jacob for letting us use the fire house.
Thank you to Mandi for helping me with the food and the pictures.
Thank you to Gwen, Granna, Meema, Shelby and Roby for helping us set up.
Thank you to Shelby for video taping it and helping get Joshua ready.
and thank you to God for blessing us with the most beautiful baby boy 3 years ago.

So.. without further adieu... Joshua's Fire House Party....