Monday, July 11, 2011

The Day Granna Got Older

Granna turned 21 again today.. for like the 30th year in a row..actually a little more than 30 years, but who is counting? For her birthday, we decided to head on over to our new family favorite restaurant, Monument Inn.. or as Joshua calls it.. "Tugboat place."

Whatever you want to call it.. it had great food.. the portions are huge.. the seafood is so fresh.. and their raisin Cinnamon rolls.. well..   I gained 10 pounds just looking at them.

Aunt Karen and Uncle LeRoy joined the rest of the Bauer bunch in celebrating Mom's birthday. We had a blast .. not to mention some wonderful cupcakes that Mandi made...   seriously..  she should own her own bakery, although I would be there every day and never lose that weight I need to for the cruise next year.

Mom... aka Joshua... haha.. opened all her gifts. She got some bath salts, a cd, coaster, a candle and a picture frame with a picture of Joshua in it.. from us.   Joshua of course breaks the back of the picture frame because is he so excited to show her the picture of himself.  Thank goodness for super glue!

And PS Mom... next year.. make a list... I felt bad getting you a million little things.. but you buy everything you want when you want it and it makes it hard for others to buy for you. Seriously... you are the only girl I know of that is hard to buy for.

Pearl earrings from my Dad to match her anniversary necklace.

Table runner from Ryan and Mandi.

Above perhaps was the funniest gift ever. My dad bought my Mom a margarita machine. A kitchen appliance that will probably end up in the graveyard of other useless appliances.. aka.. bottom cabinet to the right in the corner.  haha..

My dad was smart this year. He didn't ask for my help to buy her gift. You see, normally we don't let my dad shop for anything for my mom, because when he does, she ends up with stuff that HE really wants himself, or ugly sweaters.

This year, he stayed cleared of me.

Sort of.

He asked my opinion on the margarita machine and my exact words were, "Dad! Are you sure? That sounds more like something you would want. Not her."  He mumbled something about her having drinks with the girls every now and then and how it would be nice. I didn't listen. I just said, "No dad, find something better."

So... he didn't really find something better, he found someone better. Someone who doesn't know his games. Someone who will do what he wants because she is so kind hearted and would do anything for anyone.


Yes.. my hopefully one day sister in law was crazy enough to fall for his margarita idea.

She's so nice. We love you Mandi.

After buying it, she and I talked about it.. and she agreed it was a crazy idea, but its what my dad wanted. I explained his games and told her.. next time.. if you don't think its right buying it.. call me!! I will be happy to fuss at that crazy old man.


He really isn't crazy at all. Neither of my parents ever have a clue on what to get for each other, because when they want something.. they buy it. So .. they have everything.   Everything, but a margarita machine...  which they now have...  unless my mom returned it.

We love you dad!! and its your funny and craziness that crack us up!

Perhaps my favorite picture.. Uncle Ryan.. and some Hawaiian boy wondering on the island.

He answers to Joshua.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

We love you!!

When you people inviting us over for margaritas??


  1. Happy 21st Birthday Mama Bauer! Still looking great! Least your Dad attempts to buy your Mom something for her b-day. A lot of men (my dad included) dont even try.

    That last picture is a great one!

  2. I wish I had that problem...I wish I could buy everything I want!! Haha!!

    And, if that margarita machine is anything like ours...use it for smoothies and "icees". :)