Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Month of December

December. A very busy month. The Decorating. The Food. The Family. The Friends. It's a wonderful month, my favorite in fact.

This December started out as every December usually does for us. We vacationed in Fredricksburg, Texas. Our cottage was adorable and only a block away from main street, which made everything so much easier on us. We could come and go as we please at our own pace. The lighted parade was so much fun, Joshua jumped and cheered as we watch about 4 Frosty the snowman's and 3 Santa's drive by. I am actually surprised he didn't get confused. They should really limit the amount of characters they allow to dress up. Food was great, and shopping was fun. The only downside is that I happened to get clipped by a truck. Yes, that is right, a truck. Some teenager came barreling out of an alley way and clipped my left arm. I screamed and it scared the jeebeez out of me, but I was lucky and only walked away with a few scratches. If anything, a life lesson came out of this. Joshua now holds hands as we cross the road while saying "you get hit by car mama? huh?" It just makes me smile.

Our next adventure was to Kemah Aquarium, where Joshua had breakfast with Santa. He shrieked in pure delight as the most realistic Santa Claus came from the back. I know Santa is real, but I know Santa sometimes has body doubles. I truly believe this is the real Santa. (wink, wink) The breakfast was amazing, it was buffet style and had everything you could ever want. There was even a man who stood there and made omelets out of anything you wanted. Yum!! Besides Joshua getting to sit on Santa's lap, the coolest part of everything was that Santa got into the Aquarium tank and swam with the fishes.. or as Joshua calls them, "wishes."

The day after going to Kemah, we found ourselves at the Fabre family Christmas party. December was already halfway over!! Time was passing fast. Joshua loved playing with his cousins so much, and was so excited to finally get to open some presents. He tore through them as fast as possible and just kept asking for more. Spoiled much??

Finally, the day had arrived. The cookies and milk were out. Joshua was nestled all snug in his bed, while vision of Buzz Lightyear danced in his head. And I with my Snowman PJ's, and John with some sweats, went to work to make sure that everything was perfect the next morning. It was. My family got there just in time to see Joshua get up and just gaze in bewilderment as he realized that all these toys were for him. Present after present, he got more excited.. until our little man also got tired. Finally, the present king was defeated and the idea of opening more was just not interesting. We won. I am not really sure what we won... our pocketbooks are now empty. However, it was truly a wonderful Christmas and I am already looking forward to next year.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Peeza Place

Last night was one of those nights. You know, the one where you are so tired that you just can't get off your rear to cook dinner. It happens about once a week for us, and yesterday was that night.

I got home last, as usual. John asked me where I wanted to eat. I was not super hungry because I had a late lunch, so I told him. He didn't know what he wanted either, so we asked Joshua to pick and he insisted on Pizza, or PEEZA, as he calls it.

On our way to the Pizza place, we tried to change his mind bribing him with burgers, fries and the wonderful play ground at Chick Fil A. Nothing worked. We were defeated by a two year old.

We hung our heads and walked in Cici's Pizza. I despise going there, but our regular Pizza joint is too expensive to go to on a non-buffet night. I fix Joshua's plate, however he is more interested in the games than the Pizza. He nibbles on a few things, but doesn't really eat at all. He rides the Spider man ride, he wins a alien ball.. however, the pizza he so badly had to have sits.. untouched.

Promptly finishing our dinner, John and I get ready to leave. It is only then that Joshua decides he wants to eat. I decide to sit down and wait for Joshua to finish eating. As fast as i sit, he is back to playing games in the game room. I decide we are not playing this game and tell John to head to the front door for a prize. I said this loud enough for Joshua to hear and told him that we were leaving and we were getting our prize on the way out. Joshua again takes a bite and runs into the game room. We walk off and it is only then that he realizes we are serious. Instead of coming to join us, he grabs everything on the table.

When I say everything.. I mean everything. Screaming at us to not leave him there at the restaurant.. in his left hand he holds everything on his plate, pizza, bread sticks, carrots, and anything else left on his plate, in the right hand was his sippy cup. Begging us to not leave him and running at us with food only made us giggle. At this moment in time the PEEZA monster belongs to us and we couldn't love him more.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Life of A Busy Mom

I sit here contemplating whether to write a book to catch you up on everything that has happened between my last post to now. The reality is.. I am too busy. Being a working mom who is on the road about 3 hours a day, I would honestly rather spend more time with my family than spend every night trying to keep up with the coming and goings of a busy household with two working parents. It's hard.

Joshua is growing up so fast though, faster than I could of ever imagined. I can also say that I love this age. His personality is coming out more than ever, and boy is he funny. Although I don't have the time to catch you up on everything, I am going to try to post more. I love all the little stories that this kid comes up with and I want to share them with everyone.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Teaching of A Time Out

Joshua was staying at my mom's house for a few days. While they were outside, my mother corrected him for something and he threw a mini fit and hit her on the legs. She of course, in return, put him in time out. After asking many many times to get up, he finally met his time our requirements and was allowed to get up.

He played for a little bit.

Then again did something that he wasn't suppose to and was told 'no' by his Granna. Again he hit her on the leg and threw a fit. She told him that it was not OK to hit anyone and that she does not hit him, so he should not hit her.

He then went and put himself in time out for almost a full minute.

I hope this is a sign for many years to come that he will always know that he has to follow the rules, or face the consequences.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Big Boy Bed

We set up Joshua's toddler bed today. He was so excited to help out while we changed it and took off the rails. He was even more excited to crawl into his new bed. Although, bedtime was a bit of a challenge and we had to tuck him in a few times before he realized that it was time to go to sleep. He is growing up so fast!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Wishes Of Kemah

Joshua loved going to Kemah. He was amazed by the fish, or "wishes" as he calls them. He was so exited to see the sting rays, but too scared to touch one. He was so excited by all the people and movement outdoors that we had to use the kid leash for the first time ever. I felt silly using it, but without it, he would take off.. and he is one fast kid. He was so excited to ride the Planes and the Train. It was a night to remember!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Working Boy

This morning Joshua woke up earlier than usual. Normally by the time I leave for work, he is still snoozing away in his crib. This morning he decided to get up extra early. Of course, I still got ready for work and then explained to him that mommy was going to have to go, but that I would be back later and we would have supper together. He was mad at me and told me "NO!". I told him that I was sorry, but I loved him and would be back soon. He went and grabbed his backpack and looked at Granna and said "bye bye" as he waved at her, thinking he was coming to work with me. It was so cute and it broke his heart when I had to kiss him goodbye. But its so refreshing to know how much he loves me, because I love him more than he will ever know.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny Visits

Our Easter was wonderful this year. On Saturday we loaded up everything and headed east for the annual Fabre Easter egg hunt which was held at Aunt Joy and Uncle George's house. Joshua was so excited, he played on the swing set they had, he sat on the purple bicycle, he rode in the wagon, and tried to played baseball with the other kids. He was into everything and loving it so much!

When it came time for the Easter egg hunt, he did not understand the concept of waiting to get the eggs, so he dove right in. Unfortunalty, he thought they were balls and wanted to stop to play with and open every single egg. Dispite this he was still able to get 9 eggs. We were so proud of him.

The next morning, Joshua woke up to see what the Easter bunny had left for him. He was so excited to see all the candy and the new toys. He wanted to open up everything right away. And because we HAD to open everything up that morning, we were late for church and had to sit in the lobby. That was perfectly fine for us though because we enjoyed being able to see Joshua so happy opening up his Easter basket.

Later that day Granna, Maw Maw and Grandmama came over for a late lunch. Joshua was so excited to see them and open up his basket from Granna. After lunch his got to have his own Easter egg hunt. He loved it and kept saying 'hurry, hurry, hurry'. It was so adorable. He made his Granna open up every single egg that he found so that he could eat the M&M eggs inside.