Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Of Preschool

So Joshua has been a 'school' kid since he was two years old... and by "school kid", I mean he goes to school 5 days a week... all year long.
But today was his first official day of Preschool!
He was Semi-excited to go. I mean.. he has been going to school all summer long, so this is just another day for him. He was super excited about his new clothes and his back pack.
I set up a few things outside to see if I could get some first day pictures of him, and this is what I got...
Yippee!! He looks so happy!!

I told him to laugh here... so I got "somewhat" of a smile.

This one is my favorite. He is so cheesy!

And that book? He picked it out at the library because he thought it was about a Super Hero bunny... to his surprise.. it was not..  but its a cute book. The bunny does not want to school, but in the end of the book, he does not want to leave school.

Ironic?  We have had those days. I fight Joshua to get out of bed. I fight him to get dressed. I fight him to get in the car...

... and when I go to pick him up he will ask me if I can come back later.

Yes.. Irony.



When I picked him up today and asked him how his first day went. He said it was good. They didn't learn nothing today, they just read books and played. He showed me where his cubby was and then gave me the bad news that he is not allowed to bring his blanket or pillow to school anymore... he was very sad about this.

But all in all.. it was a good day, and hopefully a good year.

Happy first day of Preschool little man!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

Printable Preschool Sign -

Sunday, August 26, 2012

His Own Library Card

Whoop Whoop!! Guess who got his very own library card today??
That's right.. the 4 year old!!
He was super excited to be able to check out his own books, movies and computer games.

On the flip side... we borrowed 4 computer games.. only 1 works.

We borrowed like 6 movies... only 3 are viewable.. the others are so scratched that they keep "pausing" .. as Joshua says.

So people... if you check out something at the library.. please treat them as your own.. And if you trash and scratch up your own stuff...  go to another library...  because my little man was disappointed that he could not watch Clifford the dog without it pausing 52 times.   Thanks!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lowe's Shrek Onion Carriage

Today we built a Shrek Onion Carriage. Honestly.. it was fun.. and Joshua did most of the work by himself, but I am starting to dislike the fact that the projects went from being all wood to half wood.. half cheap cardboard/paper. They just aren't lasting as long and its not really something that a 4 year old is going to keep in excellent condition. See for yourself....

See the onion part?  It's like a thick paper... not good. If this thing gets thrown in the toy boy.. its over. It will no longer be a carriage.. it will be a smushed piece of cardboard on wheels.

I know I shouldn't be complaining.. these workshops are free... but Joshua really loves playing with all the toys he makes himself. He takes pride in them. He proudly displays all of his Lowe's items anytime anyone comes over. I am just saying.. I wish they were made to last a little longer.

We are so proud of him though.. and each session he grows more and more. He wants to be more involved. He is becoming more skilled. So thank you Lowe's! Even though I am a little mad at you for the quality of the last few items we've made (remember the one arm dragon? the arm fell off before we got outside the store), but I honestly do appreciate everything you do for this city and for my family. We love our Saturday workshops and will continue to support  you... Cardboard and all!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sugery Day Prep

I can't wait to go through the like 700 pictures I took on vacation... but we got home .. unpacked.. and now I am repacking little man so he can go spend the night at Aunt Mandi and Uncle Ryan's house while I go in for some day surgery tomorrow.

Yes ... that's right.. surgery. Nothing major... I just have a cyst that needs to be drained located on my right ovary. We just want to make sure everything is ok, because after our cruise this year we will start trying for baby #2!!

So please.. if you have time.. say a prayer for me. This is the first major medical procedure I will be having without my husband by my side... A little scary for me... I love and miss him so much. But I know without him working so hard.. I would not be able to have this surgery. I love you honey!! And I love little man too!! To the moon and back! All the fishes in the sea. All the stars in the sky! I just love you!! Vacation pictures will be up next week when I feel better.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dream Vacations

Since this is vacation week. I thought I would share my list of the 5 vacations I want to plan in the next 5 years.

This also is for my husband, John... honey .. please take notes...  and... I love you!!

2012 - Disney Cruise

This of course.. is already planned.. and paid for. Yay!! This is our major vacation for this year.

I am so excited to go to Grand Cayman, Costa Maya and Cancun.

and I am even more excited for all the awesome shows, food, and pools.

We are going to swim with the dolphins, learn about Mayan culture and relax on exotic beaches.

2013 - Clearwater and Tampa Bay, Florida

The first place I want to go is to Clearwater and stay in this beautiful resort...

and I want to take Joshua to Clearwater to see this little lady..

Yes.. that is Winter the dolphin.. the star of Dolphin Tale the movie. Joshua is obsessed with going to see her and honestly.. I would love to visit as well. This is truly and amazing creature.

Also, in Clearwater they have some pretty amazing Pirate Cruises. I would love to board a real pirate ship and set sail for the day. I also think this would be a dream come true for Joshua.

Then we can head on to Tampa Bay where we have to visit Busch Gardens and the whole Sesame Street crew. ... oh and ride a few rides.

and while we are in Tampa... I want to see the home of the Buccaneers. Maybe.. just maybe we can go in August and catch a preseason game.. or a warm up .. or something.

Our hometown hero and friend of my family plays for them... actually he was just drafted. 2012 will be his rookie year. Go Tramain! #41!

2014  - Turks and Caicos

I would love to stay at a Beaches resort... because they have it all.

The beaches are beautiful. They have like a billion pools to choose from. They even have their own little water park. And Elmo... and Cookie Monster!! Cookie was always my favorite. I love the old time diner... I love the rooms.

In fact.. check it out yourself... this place is beautiful!

2015 - Disney World

This one is a given.. who doesn't want to go to Disney??  Joshua will be about 7 years old.. so not too young that he won't remember and not too old that he won't participate.

I have been to Disney several time. John and I even went for our honeymoon.

.. and it never gets old.

I want to experience it with my children.

2016 - Bora Bora

This has been a dream of our forever. I want to go so bad.. I want to just put my toes in the sand.. and relax.

This place doesn't really need a explanation... just look at the beauty!

Now... mind you.. this is all a dream.

Things happen in life that you can't control sometimes...

and I want another child... so we may not be able to afford any of these...

So... ideally these would be my perfect vacations for the next 5 years... but honestly... I would love to go back to Sea World, San Antonio.... I would love to go to Destin, Florida.... I would love to go to Corpus Christi, Texas..... I would love to go to Austin, Texas.....

I just love to travel... and would be happy anywhere.

Vacation To Del Rio

And off we go...
6 Hours to the town of Del Rio.
Joshua's first trip to Del Rio.
We have never driven this far with Joshua, so this was an experience for me and my parents. (John had to work. So sad he couldn't come, but I love that man for giving me and Joshua such a great life.)
To keep Joshua busy, I made him an activity bucket full with stickers, paper, crayons, games, movies and pipe cleaners.
I thought it would keep him busy for at least half the time.... and I was right.
It kept me busy too though. Every other minute he would change his mind about what he wanted to do.. so I was constantly having to fish out something new.
"Mama can you get my sticker book?"
5 minutes later.
"Lets put this up, I want to play my alligator game."
5 minutes later.
"Can I watch Ducktales?"
5 minutes later.
"Can you get the stickers and sticker book again."
It was a workout!!! Next time I am limiting what I bring.

We finally made it to our first stop on the list.. Fredericksburg, Texas. There we visited the Christmas shop and let Joshua pick out a ornament like he does every year. This year he picked out a beautiful horse.

His favorite place though, is visiting the towns. I love them too and wish we had a place in our house to display one, but we don't... maybe someday.

In the mean time we admire them at the shop. The Disney town is our favorite.

The next place we visited was Rustlin Robs. This is where I stock up on all my Jelly's, spices, and marinades for the year. I LOVE their stuff. Nothing else compares.. seriously.. nothing.

The winery is not the place for a little boy, but I dragged him there and made him behave as I ventured in to get a few bottles of their famous Christmas wine. It's served warm.. and its delish.

I also purchased lots of other bottles there... whoops!  What can I say.. Mommy and Daddy sometimes like to have a nice glass of wine.

And always a must when your with my dad... The Der Lindenbaum restaurant. German food at it's best. Joshua and I shared a sausage plate and Joshua seemed to actually like the food.

Score 1 for the German team!

Then we moseyed down to the bat caves. At dusk the bats leave for the night.. and there were hundreds of them... ok... thousands....

there were so many of them and they just kept coming out for like a hour!

It was a great experience... a very smelly, but great experience.

PS. Bats smell terrible.

This is just one of the 100 bat clusters we saw come out of the cave. Wow!!

Then it was off to Walmart, where Joshua had to have a picture with Stuart Little. Exciting!

This by far is my favorite part.... the old horse machine. Joshua has ridden this since he was a year old and every year we take a picture on the old horse. Hopefully one day we can take a picture of his son on the horse as well.

We grabbed a quick lunch at the airport diner before leaving Fredericksburg. Joshua was infatuated with the planes. He didn't want to eat, drink, color.. or do anything else for that matter. All he wanted to do was watch the planes take off.

It was a great day and there were several planes flying out that day. We even had the privileged of watching a private jet take off... that one was kind of scary because he almost ran out of runway before he lifted off the ground.

And of course... the old beer truck. This is a must see every year too. I love the way its perfectly preserved.

Joshua, Granna and Papa hanging out by the plane.

And finally...we made it to Del Rio!!

Joshua was so excited as he got to spend time with his second cousins Vivien and Georgia. He had so much fun with them, and they all got along so well with each other...

And boy was Joshua surprised to see this at Aunt Kathi and Uncle George's house...
their brand new pool!! Isn't it a beauty?

Joshua was excited!

Miss Vivien preferred the laid back feel of the hot tub.

And Joshua put on a pink puddle jumper and learned to swim. (Ok not really learned, but those things are seriously awesome! They help develop a child's swimming abilities and put them in a upright position to swim.)

Georgia and the beautiful butterflies.

Everyone had such a blast!!

Joshua loved sharing his sticker book with Vivien.

And papa bought all the kids water guns....   water guns that make noise at that!!

The pool is the place to be...

Georgia wrapped up one of her old books and gave it to Vivien as a gift. How sweet!!

On our way home we stopped at this German bakery.. they have the best cookies ever!

Just check out all the stuff Joshua was eyeballing...

He decided on this one... and couldn't wait to get home to gobble it all up.

All in all .. it was a great trip.
Joshua did have some tummy trouble. He threw up on the way there, and on the way back. Honestly though, that is to be expected. He has always had car sickness since he was little. But really.. he did travel well and was even a trooper when he got sick.
I love going out to visit Del Rio. I love spending time with family. I miss them even more every time we have to leave, but I am so thankful we made this trip. I know we will be going out there again very soon, and I can't wait!!