Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Of Preschool

So Joshua has been a 'school' kid since he was two years old... and by "school kid", I mean he goes to school 5 days a week... all year long.
But today was his first official day of Preschool!
He was Semi-excited to go. I mean.. he has been going to school all summer long, so this is just another day for him. He was super excited about his new clothes and his back pack.
I set up a few things outside to see if I could get some first day pictures of him, and this is what I got...
Yippee!! He looks so happy!!

I told him to laugh here... so I got "somewhat" of a smile.

This one is my favorite. He is so cheesy!

And that book? He picked it out at the library because he thought it was about a Super Hero bunny... to his surprise.. it was not..  but its a cute book. The bunny does not want to school, but in the end of the book, he does not want to leave school.

Ironic?  We have had those days. I fight Joshua to get out of bed. I fight him to get dressed. I fight him to get in the car...

... and when I go to pick him up he will ask me if I can come back later.

Yes.. Irony.



When I picked him up today and asked him how his first day went. He said it was good. They didn't learn nothing today, they just read books and played. He showed me where his cubby was and then gave me the bad news that he is not allowed to bring his blanket or pillow to school anymore... he was very sad about this.

But all in all.. it was a good day, and hopefully a good year.

Happy first day of Preschool little man!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

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  1. These are so cute! I hope he enjoys preschool this yr!

  2. Thanks girl.. so far so good! He has even been asking to go early.. wonder how long that will last. :)