Saturday, September 1, 2012

Post News From The Surgery Room

So, as I wrote a little over a week ago, I had surgery to drain a cyst on my right ovary. Simple procedure right? In and out.. two little cuts.. minimal healing time.


Not when you get inside there and find a whole mess of things.

So, my first order of business before I even had surgery was my presurgery. I say this because I am the person with NO veins. Once that turnicate goes on and my veins know what is happening.. they run and bury themselves deep within the fats of my arm... or under my bones.. or any place they can go. Seriously... I was stuck 6 times before they finally found a vein that sucks at "hide and go seek."

I had cotton balls and bandaids all up and down my arms. It was a Fabulous "PreSurgery."

So they get in there and find a whole bunch of messed up stuff. First off the cyst is on the backside of my ovary. They cannot get to it however, because it seems my ovary has attached itself to what they think is a section of my bowels. 

Nice...   My organs are joining forces against me.

The next thing they see is that my ovary has severe endometriosis. So.. I have spotted ovary with a giant cyst that has attached itself to another organ in my body. Just the thing I wanted to hear.

Basically the doctor said... "This is a hot mess," and sewed me back up.  (Not really, but it sounds good.) Honestly, he couldn't do what needed to be done.... because he couldn't reach the cyst, and removing my ovary from another part of my body is a much bigger surgery than he was prepared for.

So, where does this leave me?

The Ovary has to go.. it's just a matter of when.

However, my doctor knows that we are planning on trying for another child towards the end of the year, so he doesn't want to remove the ovary just yet. Basically, I was told that we get 6 months of trying and if we do not get pregnant within the 6 months, I will have to have the ovary removed.

This mean I would have to conceive with only one ovary and he tells me its a high probability, maybe even betters my chances of having another baby.

We will see... the baby making will begin in December!


  1. Stay positive and it really will likely happen. I have a friend (for real) with one ovary and she has had four children without a bit of trouble.

    1. Thanks I am trying. Hopefully all will go well and it will happen without having to get anything removed. At least.. that is what I am praying for. :)