Thursday, September 13, 2012

Banana Peels

Joshua: "Mom!!!"
Joshua: "Hey Mooooooooommmmm!!"
Me: "Yes Joshua?"
Joshua: "Just in case you ever see a banana peel that looks like this.. don't step on it!!"
Me: "Why not?"
Joshua: "Because if you do, you will slip on it and bust your hiney."
Me: "That only happens in cartoon."
Joshua: "Nuhh uhh."
Me: "Yes, only on TV."
Joshua: "Ok Mom, I will tell you what. I can put my banana peel on the floor and you step on it and we will see if it works."
Me: "Uhhh... We don't put banana peels on the floor."
Joshua: "I will put it right here."
Me: "No, I just mopped."
Joshua: "But how are we going to know if I am right?"
Me: "Your right. Your so smart. I love you."
DEFEATED... for the sake of not having to mop...

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