Wednesday, September 5, 2012


These past few days have been filled with a whole lot of homework and a whole lot of craftiness.

First off, I cannot believe the amount of homework a preschooler has. He has a homework calendar with a writing assignment that he has to complete each night... on TOP of that, he also gets sent home with a homework folder that has a 10 page packet he must complete for the week.

Not that I am complaining... but that is a lot for a preschooler.

It takes up about a hour of his time every night, which is totally fine with me. That is one hour less of making excuses as to why he cannot camp out in front of the TV. That is one hour less that I have to play Batman. (I always get stuck being the bad guys.)

Plus, I like seeing him learn. I like watching him try to figure out how to write letters or watch as he circles the things that begin with the letter "M". It makes me proud.


Our first crafty project over the past few days we to revamp some old canvas I had laying around. They had painted pictures on them that I created when I was in junior high. I was no Picasso... so I painted them white and gave them a blank slate.

The play room is bright and full of primary colors, so we decided to keep the theme going and just do some stripes. I let Joshua paint because I wanted them to be fun and "kid'ish" looking. I think he did a great job.


I also had a smaller canvas that I just let Joshua go wild with. He says its a tree with lots of colorful swings and a snake. You see that? Me either. But I just roll with it and touched up the edges to make them look bright and colorful and not brown looking.


Today, we worked on our Grandparent's Day gift. Did you know Grandparents Day is this weekend? Yea that little holiday snook up on me.

We are prepared though… here is a sneak peak…



Last but certainly not least… this is not very crafty so much as a necessity, but here is my little helper trying to get a piece of laundry action. I hope he wants to help this much when he gets older. I don’t mind doing laundry… I don’t mind even folding laundry… I really dislike putting laundry away. Yep, that’s the worst thing about it.

Happy Wednesday!

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