Monday, September 3, 2012

Holiday Weekend Bust

This weekend has been everything less than spectacular. Yes.. you read that right. Holiday weekend loaded with lots of sick people = not spectacular.

It started out with a hope and glimmer. A birthday party for our cousin Austin. Good food, wonderful family.... presents.. and cake!! Cookie cake! It was yummy!


The kids had a blast playing outside and in Austin's famous tree house. Joshua didn't want to leave, but the mosquitoes had come out to play and that was most certainly our cue to exit and say our good-byes.


Our next visit that night was to a restaurant called Pine Tree Lodge. It's a hole in the wall backwoods place where the fried food is sinful and the alligators roam free. We ate some oysters and shrimp.. and then visited our little friend who looked very hungry. All was great. 


Until Joshua started complaining his tummy hurt.

He said it was just because he ate so much. He had ate a lot... hot dog, shrimp, and fries. I thought it might be true, because he says that sometimes at home. On occasion, Joshua will even march right up to you and demand you feel how full his belly is. So, I just shrugged it off.

We went back to Granna's house, he took a shower and put on his jammies. He loaded up in Aunt Mandi and Uncle Ryan's car and went over to spend the night.


4:30 am.


Ring Ring!!


"What the heck?"


Ring Ring!!

I pushed like 7 buttons on my moms home phone before I actually answered it. It was my brother telling me that Joshua was sick and he was going to clean him up and bring him over. Poor baby. His tummy really did hurt. (Aunt Mandi was sick too!) He spent most of Saturday like this...


And then we went home to get some anti nauseous medicine. After taking it.. he felt much better. Still not 100% and he was still running a temp. But it was a great holiday weekend.

For the last two days I haven't felt too hot either. I am drained, but for other reasons that I will spare you from hearing on here. Lets just say the surgery was a week ago and I am reaping some effects today. My mind says you have a million things to do today, and my body is saying "please rest up, you need a break."

As for Joshua.. he is 2000% better and has more energy that I know how to channel. All I want to do is rest... and all he wants to do is play Ninja boy.


It's a great holiday! Happy Labor day weekend! Hope yours was better than mine!


  1. Poor little guy sounds like your weekend was full of the unexpected sickies! I am glad he is feeling much better and I hope you get some rest and feel better soon.

    1. Thanks I am feeling much better today!! So much better I got down and scrubbed the kitchen floor on hands and knees.. whew... haven't done that since we moved in here. :) Thank goodness for Swiffer mops. lol.