Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Traveling With A Toddler

This week we took a 6 1/2 trip to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Del Rio, Texas. Joshua has never been on a trip this long, so I was very scared.

Very scared and determined to keep him busy..  So I came up with the travel kit...

First, you need something to put in your lap so that the child will have a flat surface to play, color, read, etc. on. My mom found this at Walgreen's for only $10 and its really sturdy and the color and patterns should last him a long time.

We cannot go anywhere without his Mobigo. He doesn't always play it... but if it's not an arms length away, he starts to get itchy. He loves his learning games.

These three items will be life savers on the trip.

An Eye Spy bottle. I found small items around the house and put them in a bottle and then filled it with rice. I made a list of items that he has to look for.

Crocodile Dentist. A must for anyone with toddlers. There are no pieces to the this game! Just the crocodile... so you don't have to worry about losing anything. It's a fun game too. Joshua and I play it all the time.

Pipe Cleaners. Let your imagination run wild!! They pass these out in the kid bags at church and Joshua has made a collection. Last Sunday, he had enough that he build a lasso and was trying to hoop the girl in front of us. Opps..   don't worry I stopped him.

A DVD player. With earbuds.   Yes.. with earbuds. I get tired of hearing Diego.. or Calliou.. or Curious George.. or Ducktales... 

And ick.. be sure to clean your DVD player... I know I seriously need to.  haha.

The Binder. I love our binder.

The first page is where we are going. I print out a map so that if he asks where we are... I can point to it.. and let him know we are still a few hours away.

This is the list for the I Spy game. Not only did I print out the words, I found clip art that is similar to the items in the bottle. Joshua just turned 4 years old, so he is just learning how to read simple words.

The next few printables I got from Prepared - Not Scared   They are so adorable!! I just bought some small post its and Joshua can cover the items with a post it as he finds them. Hopefully this will occupy him for a few hours.  (... a girl can wish!)

This one came from Nick Jr.  Joshua loves Team Umizoomi and I will be sitting in the back seat with him, so I can help him with his numbers.

Joshua's Travel Book. I think he is looking forward to this one the most. I just took a bunch of plain white paper and folded them in half. Cut down some 12x12 card stock for a cover, decorated the front and stapled it.

Now every time Joshua seems something interesting, he can draw about it in his book and I will help him with his narration. This way he can keep a journal of what we do on a day to day basis.

These pages are matching pages that I pulled from a color book. You have to find the two that match, or the one that doesn't belong. Simple, but things that he likes and we can work on together.

Stickers.. lots of stickers... what kid doesn't love stickers?

Stencils. I found this 4 pack of stencils at Dollar Tree. I think Joshua is going to love them!

These are car bucks. I got them from Prepared - Not Scared.  There are 10 of them and I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet.. give them out for prizes to bingo.... or rewards after every hour of the trip....  or maybe both....

Either way... at the end of the trip, he can turn them in for real money. So when we get to Del Rio, I will buy him something that costs $10.

A notebook to draw in... to stencil.. to put stickers in... anything you can imagine.

We also have coloring books, colors and I will picking out some books to come on the trip with us. Hopefully everything will be enough to keep our little man occupied.

I placed everything in a folding collapsible cube that we already had at home and will put it on the seat in between us, so that everything will be within a arms length reach.

Easy, Breezy Trip.. right? Hopefully! I will let you know as soon as I am finished unpacking.

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