Friday, August 3, 2012

The Next Iron Chef

Joshua has been very interested in the kitchen lately. He is like a little scientist. He wants to know how things are made and why we need eggs... and how many cakes does this make. His questions are endless. I swear, he asks 257 questions a day.  Yes I counted.

OK.. no ... I didn't really count, but it seems like it. And yes, I try to answer all 257 questions as calmly as possible. I love my little man, but sometimes answering "but why?"... thirty two times in five minutes can get very frustrating.

But I am trying to feed our little curious child.... and feed his belly at the same time.

These are the chocolate brownies he helped me make...

Like father.. Like son.

John's favorite part of anything I bake... licking the spoon and the bowl. Joshua has picked up this trait from him daddy.

And just so you know.... even Spiderman says his prayers at the dinner table....

Today he wanted to make a snack... all by himself. I gave him a bagel and a butter knife and let him go for it...  He loved being able to help and took pride is asking.. "Mommy, did I make this?"

Although it was just spreading cream cheese onto a bagel.. I applauded him and said.. "Yes baby, you make the best bagels ever!"

Maybe one day he will make this a career.

I might have the Next Iron Chef.

But I am secretly hoping for a plastic surgeon. I think I will need one in my old age.

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