Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sugery Day Prep

I can't wait to go through the like 700 pictures I took on vacation... but we got home .. unpacked.. and now I am repacking little man so he can go spend the night at Aunt Mandi and Uncle Ryan's house while I go in for some day surgery tomorrow.

Yes ... that's right.. surgery. Nothing major... I just have a cyst that needs to be drained located on my right ovary. We just want to make sure everything is ok, because after our cruise this year we will start trying for baby #2!!

So please.. if you have time.. say a prayer for me. This is the first major medical procedure I will be having without my husband by my side... A little scary for me... I love and miss him so much. But I know without him working so hard.. I would not be able to have this surgery. I love you honey!! And I love little man too!! To the moon and back! All the fishes in the sea. All the stars in the sky! I just love you!! Vacation pictures will be up next week when I feel better.

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