Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ups and Downs

Keeping Cool was the name of the game today... we ventured out to the Splash park where Joshua wanted to have a good time... but didn't.  This park was once a real beauty and very well maintained. Now, sadly, only half of the water features work and even then... they only work for about 3 minutes before they shut off and you have to push the button.

It was just a waste of time driving all the way out to this park, and honestly I am so disappointed in the city for not keeping up such a wonderful place for kids.

We stayed at the park for about 20 minutes before Joshua was totally bored.

On the way home I decided to stop by the thrift store. The clothes were so disorganized because of everyone doing back to school shopping, but we scored in books. Joshua was able to pick up 10 books and the total with tax was like $10.58.  So basically $1 a book!! Can't beat that... I think we will start coming here more often when I feel the need for new reading materials.

When we got home.. Joshua just wanted to be lazy..  we read book and played Dinosaurs. I am always stuck being the "Raptadon".. whatever that is...

Later that night we went out to eat with Granna and Papa to Shogun. Shogun is a hibachi grill where they cook the food in front of you.

Now.. I will be totally honest.. they have EXCELLENT food.

The show tonight though.. was VERY disappointing.

There were only four people at our table so the guy half'ed the show and just did the bare minimum.

But I was thankful to go... and thankful for the yummy food and the spicy Cajun roll!!

So our Saturday this week.. had ups and downs... but overall... we had a great and busy day.

That night I sat down in bed to read books to Joshua... he was out by the third book...  that's when you know... it was a great day!!

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