Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lowes Shrek Dragon

Today was a Lowe's workshop. It was the one that Joshua has anticipated for a month now, and the one that by the end of the project, I wanted to pull my hair out.
First things first... some kid gets sick while there.. throws up everywhere.. and his mom still makes him do the project. And where do they sit?? Next to us. Ugh!! I kept having to instruct Joshua to move over, don't touch his stuff... and can you not breathe for like 20 minutes so you don't catch anything?  Yea.. I was upset at that mom. Shame on you lady!!
Secondly.. Joshua nailed the tail on upside down. I tried to tell him, but he didn't care. That is the way he wanted it and that is the way he was going to nail it on.
Carry On!! 
The whole time we are working on this, he knows that Granna and Papa are sitting at the house waiting for us to get back so that we can leave and start our official vacation. So.... midway through, he isn't interested.. he wants to go home.. and whines about it.

See the Dragon arm?  Both of them were there when the project was finished. But sometime in between getting his certificate and walking out the store, the dragon lost a arm.
So now, we have a dragon with a upside down tail that only has one arm.

Needless to say.. I was so glad when this workshop was over.
Let the vacation begin!!

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