Friday, August 17, 2012

Dream Vacations

Since this is vacation week. I thought I would share my list of the 5 vacations I want to plan in the next 5 years.

This also is for my husband, John... honey .. please take notes...  and... I love you!!

2012 - Disney Cruise

This of course.. is already planned.. and paid for. Yay!! This is our major vacation for this year.

I am so excited to go to Grand Cayman, Costa Maya and Cancun.

and I am even more excited for all the awesome shows, food, and pools.

We are going to swim with the dolphins, learn about Mayan culture and relax on exotic beaches.

2013 - Clearwater and Tampa Bay, Florida

The first place I want to go is to Clearwater and stay in this beautiful resort...

and I want to take Joshua to Clearwater to see this little lady..

Yes.. that is Winter the dolphin.. the star of Dolphin Tale the movie. Joshua is obsessed with going to see her and honestly.. I would love to visit as well. This is truly and amazing creature.

Also, in Clearwater they have some pretty amazing Pirate Cruises. I would love to board a real pirate ship and set sail for the day. I also think this would be a dream come true for Joshua.

Then we can head on to Tampa Bay where we have to visit Busch Gardens and the whole Sesame Street crew. ... oh and ride a few rides.

and while we are in Tampa... I want to see the home of the Buccaneers. Maybe.. just maybe we can go in August and catch a preseason game.. or a warm up .. or something.

Our hometown hero and friend of my family plays for them... actually he was just drafted. 2012 will be his rookie year. Go Tramain! #41!

2014  - Turks and Caicos

I would love to stay at a Beaches resort... because they have it all.

The beaches are beautiful. They have like a billion pools to choose from. They even have their own little water park. And Elmo... and Cookie Monster!! Cookie was always my favorite. I love the old time diner... I love the rooms.

In fact.. check it out yourself... this place is beautiful!

2015 - Disney World

This one is a given.. who doesn't want to go to Disney??  Joshua will be about 7 years old.. so not too young that he won't remember and not too old that he won't participate.

I have been to Disney several time. John and I even went for our honeymoon.

.. and it never gets old.

I want to experience it with my children.

2016 - Bora Bora

This has been a dream of our forever. I want to go so bad.. I want to just put my toes in the sand.. and relax.

This place doesn't really need a explanation... just look at the beauty!

Now... mind you.. this is all a dream.

Things happen in life that you can't control sometimes...

and I want another child... so we may not be able to afford any of these...

So... ideally these would be my perfect vacations for the next 5 years... but honestly... I would love to go back to Sea World, San Antonio.... I would love to go to Destin, Florida.... I would love to go to Corpus Christi, Texas..... I would love to go to Austin, Texas.....

I just love to travel... and would be happy anywhere.

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