Sunday, July 3, 2011

The First Theater Movie

For weeks now, we have been bribing Joshua that if he was good.. took a nap.. picked up toys.. etc. That he could go see the movie Cars 2..   well it was time for us to hold to our end of the deal.

So we hurriedly packed him up and went to Pasadena to the movie theater.  (Yes, we have one in Baytown.. but its a nightmare. Remind me to tell you some time about what happened to me there.)

We got there just in time, got our tickets and stood in line for snacks. We all got our share of popcorn and snuck into the movie theater where the previews were already showing.

or.. what we thought were the previews.

Seriously, Cinemark people.. how can you justify making small children sit through 45 minutes of your advertising.  OK.. not 45 minutes.. but mine as well have been. Joshua kept asking when the movie was going to start and was starting to bounce all  around in his seat. I was halfway through my Jumbo popcorn when the movie finally did start.

Joshua was excited... and loud.  He announced to the whole movie theater that he has those toys at home. And that his 'Granna bought him Professor Z.' .... and that 'Mommy and Daddy bought him books with Holly in them'  ....   Every character.. every scene... I sunk deeper and deeper into my seat. 

Yes! That was my kid with the loud mouth. And yes.. he does have everything.. we spoil him!

After a zillion ...."Shhhhhhhhssssssss" .....from me.
And a kazillion more.. "If your not quiet, we will have to leave early".....

The lights come on and we turn around to see this....

Our sweet little LOUD angel had fallen fast asleep.

and just so you know... it will be two more years before we attempt the movies again.

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