Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Galveston Vacation

Our Second vacation of the Summer was a special one to me. You see.. I spent a good portion of my life on the beach. Growing up, my summers were spent in the warm waters of Crystal Beach. 

I made memories there.

Lots of memories.

It was always my favorite time of year. Our house was large and could hold the entire Bauer family, which was good, because a lot of us retreated there during the summer. Our beds hung from the ceiling.. and Ryan and I liked to play bumper cars. We spent most of our days with my cousins Kelsea and Jordan. We chased after the ice cream man.. and made smores at night. We made all kinds of sand castles, and drove to the end of the beach to hunt for seashells. We had races down the soda can shoot that my Grandpapa built. It was where my love of reading developed. It was where I watched my very first Kidsongs. It was where homemade ice cream was made once a week. Where my Nanie told me alligator stories, and my Grandmama sang about the 3 fishes. My Grandpa Brown laid in his bed and listened to baseball games on the radio because he had lost his eye sight years earlier. Our afternoons were spent fighting over who was going to sit in the hammock. The wind chimes that hung around the balcony .... they played such a soft sweet tune in the wind.

My favorite treat was going over to Galveston.. to the city. The sights and sounds amazed me.. so did the orange cream floats that you could get at the old time soda shop. It was always a magical city when I was little.

So this year, when we got the chance to take Joshua to Galveston, I was ecstatic. We have been every year before, but have never stayed the night. I quickly made so many plans in my mind. I wanted to take him to the strand.. to the soda shop.. to Murdock's... on a trolley ride...

However, my plans didn't develop, and I was a little upset, but nothing beats just spending the day on the beach... relaxing.. looking out into the water without a care in the world... and that is just what we did.

Joshua's only worry was if we were going to build a sand castle or not.....

.... its the best feeling in the world.

This year, he was more more in tune with the water. In previous years he was scared to go past his ankles.. this year.. he was fearless. If we didn't stop him.. he would of went as far as he could.

He looked for seashells, but only managed to find a few broken pieces which were his treasures. He didn't care that they were broken.. or covered in tar. To him.. they looked like a million dollars.

For some time, he attempted to build his own castle. I giggled as I watch him load his molds with wet sand. I knew he would have a hard time getting out the wet sand, but he was so proud of himself for filling the mold up. Unfortunately, when he tried to flip it over, nothing came out... and he gave up for a little while.

And then, he could not stand it any longer, he had to build a castle.. and he needed help. So, due to my experience as a child... I came to his rescue. Sadly.. he wanted a castle.. and he wanted it now!!! So.. I worked as fast as I could to build him a garage for his 4 wheeler.

This is what happened...

Yes.. My castle building skills are gone.

But he was happy. And that is all that matters.

Growing up, my Grandmama had a thing for periwinkles. She loved looking for them. She loved digging for them. I don't even know if that is what these are really called, but their beauty amazes me. So many different colors and sizes... and the small ones are so cute.

Joshua was amazed too.. he had to find them...

And his treasures became my treasures.. and before I knew it, we had a whole bucket of what we call 'Periwinkles'.  So.. we had no other choice... we had periwinkle races.

The first one to move was the winner.

The blue one won.. according to Joshua.

After a long day at the beach.. we went back to pool to have more water fun.  John relaxed in his new float.. which I later stole from him.

The next day.. all Joshua was interested in was going to the Kiddie pool to play. The mushroom waterfall was his favorite, but he did wrestle the alligator and shoot the canon at Daddy.

His most favorite thing though... playing with the torpedoes. He was like a little puppy dog retrieving every 'rocket' that we tossed. Eventually, he decided he wanted to take his lifesaver off... and to our surprise.. he is a little fish. He still can't swim completely, but he was so proud of himself making it from one wall to another.

We did get to do one thing I planned... Murdock's souvenir shop.

This was always my favorite growing up. I think we have a picture of me and Ryan standing in the same place as Joshua is. I know we have one of my niece. It's a tradition.. get your picture taken below the giant clam.

Murdock's was fun, they rebuilt it since the hurricane and its bigger and better. Not to mention.. I love the porch and the rocking chairs outside, plus Joshua loved the telescopes.. great idea!! I could of spend the whole day sitting in those chairs staring at the sea.

Joshua was amazed with the hermit crabs, and to my surprise, did not ask for one. No..  in fact, his request was for a necklace with a shark tooth. He got a few other things, but the necklace surprised me. 

We had a great vacation. Wish it would of been longer. Next year though... there is always next year.


  1. Fun!

    We go to the beach every year and love it.

  2. It looks like you guys had a blast!!! Miss y'all!