Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th of July, 2011

Happy Birthday America!!

We didn't do much in celebration today, although there was a lot to celebrate. We wanted to.. we wanted to shout "I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN" to the rooftops... and then pop giant fireworks to show everyone that we truly do live in the land of the free..

But then we realized... its not free to pop fireworks where we live.. no.. there is a $500 fine.  But.. with good cause.. the drought has really put a damper on everything this year. And I certainly would forfeit the fireworks at any point in time to accidentally catching a house on fire....  We were even afraid to fire up the BBQ, but we did.. and boy those steaks were worth it!!

"AT LEAST I KNOW I'M FREE"....  to streak in the yard...

No fireworks didn't phase us though.. we had our family.. and our freedom... and Joshua is scared of fireworks anyways.. so it worked out in our favor. We did watch the Macy's fireworks on TV though.

He loves the flags. We had a lighted flag. A regular flag attached to the house... but his favorite..  the mini flag that he acquired at church. He carried that thing with his shoulders back and his head held up high.


We will never forget.. thank you.. to all our hero's who have died so that we might live the great life we have.

A land where we can relax and BBQ with family.

A land where we can grow up to be anything we want to be.

The land where you can have.. "A BBQ stain on your white T-shirt".... haha.. sorry I was thinking of that song all day long... that.. and... "Why doesn't he throw away that shirt??"....

Baseball... our greatest past time sport....

of course.. baseball uniforms are optional...

You CAN play in your underwear... because we are FREE to do so.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

We live in the home of the free because of our brave.
Don't ever take it for granted.


  1. Great pictures!! <3 Joshua!! Glad you all had a great 4th!