Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Adjustment

My husband is gone.

Out in the big blue.

The Ocean.

He took a new job. More money... better benefits.. I might be able to be an at home mom again.

We will see.....

But I have so much to blog about. I am just adjusting to life as a semi-single parent. I don't know how other ladies do this.. its hard... really hard.

So bear with me.. I have lots to tell you.. lots to write about.   In the mean time though I am enjoying reading all your blogs.. and yes, I am reading them all. I still cannot comment... crazy blogger!!!


  1. I hope it goes well. I know it's hard without the husband around.

    Oh, about Blogger, when you sign in DON'T click keep me signed in. That seems to help it. Yes, you'll have to sign each time now but you'll be able to comment again.

  2. OMG.. you rock!! That totally worked.. I couldn't even comment on my own blog before. Genius!!