Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Cake Disaster

"Mommy! I want some cake"

"In a minute!"  (I was washing dishes)

"No Mommy, I want cake now!"

"Ok, can you hang on, I am almost finished."

"Fine.... I want this!"

He grabbed for his new Mobigo.. still in a box.

I have no idea why the cake was sitting on top of the Mobigo box. His Meema had just finished cutting him a piece, and I guess she didn't really pay attention to where it was laying.. no big deal though.. I do it all the time. However, when you swipe something that is under something else... a lot of times the item that was on top will tumble to the ground.

In this case.... it happened.

Yep.. the thing on top fell.

The Cake came crashing down.

"Oh No, it's ruined!" exclaimed the little person.

And this my dear... is why I asked you to wait.

But his cousin Shelby had a better idea....

Floor food... Gross!

But she is old enough to eat what she wants.. I guess.

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