Monday, July 18, 2011

The Celebration of His Day

You can prepare as much as you want, but when your baby gets another year old.... you shed a few more tears than the previous year knowing that your baby soon won't be A baby anymore. 

You smile, you try not to cry.. and when you want to just kiss him.. he pushes you away and says.. "I gotta play mama."  It breaks your heart, but you know he is getting older, wiser, and more independent.. things that he will use later on in life.

Tonight was not his actual birthday, but we celebrated. John will be leaving the day before his birthday, and Granna and Papa were in town, so we though... lets celebrate early.

We took him a Mexican restaurant.. where they sang and clapped ... and he stared at them like they were aliens speaking a foreign language. 

He tried to show them how old he is... although he holds up three fingers and tells people he is only two.

I wish...  
Three you are my little boy.

And you blow out the candle.... and get one day older...   

Today was a good day. Tomorrow will be better.

On your actual birthday, July 21st, I tried to tell you the story of your birth.... You told me to move out the way because Curious George was on.

I turned off the TV and tried to tell you again... You picked up a book and asked me to read it to you.

I tried to give you your birth minute kiss.... you told me that needed a snack.

I love you little boy... you are my world.

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