Friday, July 8, 2011

The 33 Year Old

My wonderful husband turned 33 years old yesterday.

Can you believe it? Man he is getting old... haha.. I am just kidding.

However, I can remember when I thought 30 was old. I never wanted to be thirty. Thirty year old people had wrinkles, grey hairs, had to wake up at 6 am for morning coffee, read the newspaper.... used walkers.. Just Kidding!!  But as a child.. my parents were 30.. and they were old.. or so I thought.

And here we are, I am 30 and John is now 33. We are those old people. And guess what?  It's really not that bad. I don't have too many wrinkles. No grey hairs. I do wake up at 6 because of work. Coffee can be good sometimes. I don't really read the newspaper (only for good sales). And I do not have my walker yet.

Yes.. thirty isn't that bad.  Actually this year I feel like I have grown and matured more. I took a higher position at work, where I am now responsible for other people. John and I have been able to save and afford a few more things. We are understanding life a little better.

There are ups and downs of course. John and I have had to work through many issues in our marriage, but nothing that has torn us apart. We have to work on issues with parenting, and we are trying to respect each others disciplining tactics.

Yes.. we are growing up.

30 looks good on us.

Our family loves Jason Aldean, so although he didn't ask for this DVD.. it was appropriate.

Joshua assists Daddy in opening all his gifts.

Duck hunting game.. which our whole family is now addicted to.  ** Yes Dad, you can come over any time you want to play.

John's Blue Ray player. He has been asking for one of these for ages, and I never really thought it would make a huge difference ... boy was I wrong!! We hooked it up.. and put in the Jason Aldean... and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was better than seeing him in concert. (and John and I have seen him in concert many, many times.)  I am now a fan of the blue!

Happy Birthday Hunny Bunny! I hope you had a great one! We love you!

Jayme, Joshua... and sometimes Garfield.


  1. I can remember when 30 was OLD too!! Funny how that's all relative.
    We don't have a Blue Ray player either. Cody has looked at them...and I am pretty sure he wants one too. But, I just haven't been convinced.

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

  2. Gah! You guys are ooooollllddddd! ;)

    Of course Im kidding. I dont see 30 as old and maybe thats because I only have a few years left imn the 20s.

    Anyways. You are only as old as you let your self be.