Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Third Birthday Party

I have been meaning to get these pictures up sooner, but with so much going on.. its been hard to even sort through the over 700 pictures I had. There were too many that I loved.. so this post is very picture heavy.

The location was perfect. The food was so awesome. The activities were fun.

But the best part? Our friends and family.  (82 people this year)

Thank you all who showed up to celebrate his special day.
Thank you to Jeremiah and Jacob for letting us use the fire house.
Thank you to Mandi for helping me with the food and the pictures.
Thank you to Gwen, Granna, Meema, Shelby and Roby for helping us set up.
Thank you to Shelby for video taping it and helping get Joshua ready.
and thank you to God for blessing us with the most beautiful baby boy 3 years ago.

So.. without further adieu... Joshua's Fire House Party.... 

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  1. the party was so adorable! i am doing this for my son and def taking notes! thanks for sharing