Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Thrift Store

The very first time I remember going to a Thrift store was back in 2001 in Corpus Christi. My friends had heard that this Salvation Army way on the other side of town had a bunch of clothes that were really nice. We heard it was a dumping ground for the elite of Corpus.

We went... we picked up a few things.. and left... no biggie.  I wasn't super impressed... so I have never been back to another one.. until now..

They opened a super center in Baytown.. its been open for a while, but I have never really had the chance to drop in.. until my mother in law and my niece and nephew came to visit. We were eating in a nearby restaurant, so I asked them if it were ok to drop by.. they loved the idea.

We went in.. and I couldn't believe my eyes.. it certainly was a  very big store...

I didn't find anything for myself, but I did find a huge laundry basket that I am going to use to put the throw pillows from my bed when they are not in use.

As you can tell, Shelby was excited about my laundry basket.. haha.

Joshua had so much fun trying on different outfits. He was so funny, he would go into the dressing room, put on some clothing and come out and ask Meema, "Whatcha think 'bout this?"

He loved this old lady hat.. I had to hide it before checkout..

I think we all had a blast. We probably spent 2 hours in there just browsing around. They had some really great stuff. Shelby got a ton of clothes with tags still on it!! Lucky girl!! 

Come winter.. you will probably find me at the Salvation Army.. looking for new winter and workout clothes.

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