Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Beginning of A New Year

So I am trying to bring this up to date so that I can start sharing all the new and funny things Joshua does on a daily basis.

Year two so far has been great. His vocabulary has taken off, he runs, he jumps, he slides and he is afraid of nothing. He amazes us on a daily basis, and sometimes he knows things we don't even know. He can spot a truck, motorcycle, or tractor from miles away. He is very observant and absorbs in the world around him. He cusses, but only because he learned a few choice words from us. Oops. We must watch what we say! He has a huge imagination. A calculator can be a telephone. A pedometer can change the channels on the TV. In his world, he can imagine anything he wants.

In fact one of his funniest imaginative thoughts came in the form of a tampon. Yes a tampon. His Grandpa smokes cigars and often keeps his cigars in the front pocket of his suits. Joshua was in the bathroom one day where he discovered my tampons. At first he picked them up, examined them, and then tried sticking it into his shirt. While doing this, he continued to say 'Papa, Papa'. At first, I could not figure out what he was doing and I just kept telling him that papa was at work. Then it dawned on me! He thought the tampon was one of Papa's cigars! The funniest part, is that when Granna showed up, Joshua ran to get the box of tampons to give them Granna so that she could take them home to his Papa. I really don't think Papa would appreciate them, but I am sure that he will appreciate the laugh he will get from the imagination of his grandson.

First Snow of the Year for Us
March 21, 2010
Grand Saline, Texas

Random Cutness

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