Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Forbidden Word

Today Joshua decided to move his stool from the bathroom where he brushes his teeth into the kitchen. He promptly set it in front of the fruit bowl and proceeded to pick himself out a apple, or a 'bapple' as he calls it.

He asks me to take off the stem and wash the apple. I do as he commands and he begins to eat the apple. After three bites he runs to get a different apple, picks a new one up and without even washing it takes a bite. He then picks up a third apple and tries to bite it, but I am right behind him to stop him from sinking his teeth in.

In the middle of explaining to him that he can only have one apple at a time, he throws a huge fit and runs off. While running, he trips and the apple falls to the ground. He proceeds to look up at me and says Sh*#! I freeze, not knowing what to say, but compose myself and say 'oops, you dropped your apple'. He looks at me repeats 'sh*# mama, sh*#."

I don't really know what to do, but laugh and just continue correcting him and telling him that word is not OK to use. I honestly have no idea where he pick up that word. If he had said Cr@#, then it would totally fall on me and John because we use that word frequently.

We must watch with extreme caution what we say, or those forbidden words may become a part of his vocabulary.

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