Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Song Of A Prince

From the second Joshua was born, so was a new love. I knew that I now loved this one tiny person more than anything in the world. I want to give him the world.. show him the world. I wanted his childhood to be a story tale like mine was. I know not everything in my childhood was great, but honestly I can't remember anything bad. My Mom and Dad treated me like a little princess, they still do. Then it dawned on me, he was my prince.

From out of nowhere a song was born. It is a song that I sang to him every morning. It is a song I still sing to him every morning...

Good Morning To You
Good Morning To You
Good Morning My Prince
Good Morning To You

Yes, its a simple song, but it means the world to a mother who wants to give a better life to her son.. a life of a prince.

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