Sunday, May 27, 2012

Smith BBQ

We don't BBQ that often, because quite frankly... its a hassle.

My husband likes to keep his 'pit' in the shed.. in the back.

So I never pull it out.. therefore we only BBQ when he is home and can pull everything out himself. He is also particular about cleaning it out... its his baby... so Mama doesn't touch it.

This afternoon though, I had scored some veggie kabobs that happened to be on a awesome sale. So we got out the pool and fired up the pit.

The mushrooms were my favorite! I loved all of it. Hopefully we can score more next time we are at the store because I would love to try these again before John heads back out to work.

While John was working the BBQ pit, little man was cleaning his cozy coupe.

He can be as attentive as his daddy with some things... and taking care of their cars is one thing they both have in common.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I enjoyed watching both my guys having the times of their lives.

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