Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 10 Things I Will Never Do

Here are 10 Things I would NEVER do...

Never say Never.. but it's pretty doubtful..

1. Be unfaithful to my husband. I made a commitment in front of god. I love my husband, he completes me.. even though we fight sometimes.. And.. if I wanted to trade him in for a different model.. I would at least have the decency to divorce him first.

2. Drink yellow Gatorade. Really? It looks like pee.. kinda smells like it.. by golly.. I think it is..

3. Quit reading. I love it. I love my Kindle. I love being able to visit a land of fantasy just for a while.. I love to be swept off my feet and solve a mystery all in a day. Sorry.. I just cant...

4. Have my finger nails painted. I cannot stand this. I feel like my fingers are dirty, and would sit there all day and just chip away at them.

5. I will never be below a size 10. Sorry.. I just don't think my body is made for it. Besides.. working out is overrated.

6. Not own a computer. Sorry.. I have to be connected. I have a few friends who have minimized.. and well.. this is just not for me. I could not imagine shopping without it. I hate going to stores now that I am a mother. It just takes too much time. If only I could figure out how to grocery shop online .. and it not cost a arm and leg.. I would never leave the house!

7. Hate snow. Me and my husband have been arguing over this for weeks now. I grew up in South East Texas.. where snow is few and far between.. when we do have it.. its a winter miracle and I will gladly welcome it with open arms.

8. Want a dog. Sorry.. please don't stop reading this blog because of this. It's not that I hate them.. I just don't like them. I can smell them. I don't like cleaning up their pee and poop. And with the industry that I work in... I have been in and seen too many apartments that reek of dog. I just can't do it. I am sure that we will eventually have one, but it will NOT be my doing..and my husband WILL be the one to take care of it.

9. Sleep without two pillows. Sorry. Impossible.. even if my head only uses one of them.. I am just not comfortable NOT having another around when I may need it.

10. Like answering the phone. Call me crazy.. but I don't like talking on the phone.. texting.. suits me fine.. don't get me wrong.. I do make calls.. and I do answer my phone.. but I am just a 'no phone, rather talk face to face', kind of girl.

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