Friday, February 4, 2011

The Not So Snowy.. Snow Day

Today was a snow day.. or so we were told.

School's were canceled. Roads were closed down.. In typical Texas fashion, we really had no idea what to do.. so they just closed everything.

The snow was suppose to come in after we all went to sleep, and were suppose to wake up with our houses and cars covered in a blanket of white.

I was so excited!!

Then this morning.. I wake up to this....

Yes that's right. No blanket of white snow. Just three.. very small icicles.

Disappointing.. I feel like the weather man lied to me again.

Then.. around noon.. what to my wondering eyes appears... SNOW.. or flurries...

But it wasn't coming down fast, or hard.. or hardly fast enough. Still snow is snow right?

Here comes my white blanket of snow....

Not exactly.. it pretty much stopped after this.. that was extent of our snow.

So sad....

Joshua was excited that there was ice all over his toys though. He even licked a few to see what they tasted like. I had to fuss at him though and send him back into the house for a jacket.. silly kid.

The Crunch grass was kinda cool.. slippery ... but neat to look at.

With his jacket now on.. we wait for daddy to start a fire.

So we have a box where we put all our receipts and we dispose of them once a year. My husband decide this was the day.. so we took out our brand new chimney.. and decide to burn them. It was fun.. and kept us warm. Only downside is that I didn't particularly care for the smell that the paper gave off.

All in all though.. we had a pretty fun snow less snow day. It was nice to have everyone home at the same time. I miss just hanging out.

And.. I am still praying for snow.

It has snowed here once a year since Joshua was born... so it has to snow this year.. I hope.. I dream... I will keep praying.

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