Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seven On Sundays.. Pictureless

Oh my..where did the time go?

How could I forget to take the pictures?

Well I did...

Our Sunday started out John putting too much oil in the pan for the potatoes... so they were ruined. I started over and made some breakfast burritos.. yum!!

We missed church... bad us!... because I was just feeling under the weather.

Instead.. after I got over my morning sneezes... used a box of Kleenex and some benadryl... we went shopping.

We got pansies to plant around our tree. We got sheets, mattress pads and a skirt for our new bedroom suite.

We came home and put our dresser and night tables in.. we didn't get to the actual bed though because I started having sciatic nerve spasms.

Yes.. Sciatic spasms... they hurt like hell.. don't know why I have them.. I haven't ever had them before. But now I do... not fun.

After that.. we threw on the Super Bowl game while John ran to get nuggets from McDonald's... and we watched. John was cheering for the Packers.. so being the rebel and competitor that I am.. I was cheering for the Steelers. To be honest.. I could care either way.. but I always love to have a little bet going with my husband.

After the game, I was totally wiped and went to bed early.. so early. It was nice.. for once.

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