Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Pre-Valentine's Day

So, the big box came in the mail. The two year old saw it. The two year old wanted to know what was inside.... seriously... he could be Curious Joshua instead of Curious George. So.. what do Mommy and Daddy do? We made him wait only a day... haha. We couldn't wait either.. we were excited for this... his Valentine's gift from the both of us.

What is it? ...he asks as he opens it...

Me: Bath colors!

Joshua: Umm.. ok.

Me: You want to go take a bath and play with them?

Joshua: Yes I do Mom.

The coloring caddy.

His beautiful artwork.. with a little of Mommy's help.

So I really think I was more excited than he was about these. They are way cool and way fun. I just hope this doesn't encourage him to draw on the walls anywhere else in the house... otherwise.. Daddy will not be happy with Mommy or Joshua. haha. Oh well.

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