Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Valentine Present

My husband has never been good at keeping secrets. Never. I knew when he was going to propose... I have pretty known most of my Christmas gifts every year.. the poor man tries, but he just isn't good at it.

Today was no different.

We received a FedEx box in the mail. It had John's name on it and I was not expecting anything, so I left it alone. I told him about it and he said he would take care of it later.... ok.. not a problem.

So.. the Goof decides to open it in front of me.. I don't know why.. maybe he was hoping that I wouldn't notice.

But I did.

I can tell a Zales box from a mile away.

So I ask.. "Is that something from Zales?"

He says no and walks to the back room with the silver box and tosses the cardboard box towards me.

As I am walking to throw it away, I notice there is a paper inside.. it does in fact say.. Zales.

So naturally I asked him if he wanted his receipt.

He was upset now.. accusing me of snooping around.. but I was like.. "hey buddy, you threw the box towards me.. what did you expect? I am a mom.. I always check boxes before I throw them away and pockets before I wash." ... Its like part of the mom code.

So.. whatever..

But he says that I ruined the surprise, so we exchanged gifts early.

I got some beautiful earrings from Zales that I am in love with!!

See how pretty.....

And I got him some tickets to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. He has been begging me for months to go see Jason Aldean and I have resisted as much as I could... so I am kind of glad that we exchanged early... I don't have to listen to the "I wish we could go see him again this year," stuff that he says almost every day.

Sooo.. our Valentine's Day wasn't what we expected or wanted... but we are goofs and wouldn't have it any other way.

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