Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Surgery

Since Spring Break of 2010 we have been fighting with Joshua's cough. He would cough so hard that he would throw up sometimes.. or if he was sleeping he would wake himself up all night long in coughing fits.

After months of being misdiagnosed and trying different doctors, we took Joshua to a Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. Right away he said that Joshua's ears had fluid on them really badly, but they weren't infected.. the fluid was just kind of hanging out. Weird huh?? I know...

So we made plans to have his surger at the beginning of December.

Then our insurance fell through.. something about pre-exsisting.. which.. according to Obama should NOT affect anything... but yea.. his plan sucks.. and we had to wait several more months to get past our waiting period.

Finally, the day had arrived. We had talked to Joshua about this.. prepared him.. watch a movie provided by the hospital on what happens.... He was ready to go.. until it was time to get in the car to leave.

He finally got over his fears and by the time we were at the hospital, he was playing around..

We finally got a room, the room graciously named the VIP room by the nurses, because it's right by their station and they are there in a flash if you need them. Joshua had to wear his little gown.. he was NOT happy about that...

So back in the PJ's he went.. and Daddy found a wagon to keep him entertained until it was his turn to go back to surgery.

When the bracelts went on.. we had another meltdown.. he did not like them.. wanted them off.. gave us every excuse in the book.. "they scratch me", "they hurt me", etc etc.

The doctor was running late, so we whipped out the portable DVD player so that he could watch some 'Mater'.. or Tow Mater on Cars Toons.

Back from surgery.. he wanted his mama... and to watch Elmo.. thankfully.. Sesame Street was on.

He was a pretty good patient and slept all the way home.. by the end of the day he was a normal 2 year old bouncing off the walls. I am just so glad we finally got the surgery and I am looking forward to the day when he feels much better, and doesn't snore louder than me.

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