Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Not So Dreamy House

Ok.. So remember this house..

Yes the one I thought sounded perfect. Well.. it's not.

We went to go look at it on Sunday, the agent by chance actually lived in the community, so she was there as soon as she could be.

First off, let me tell you a little about the community.

Ok one word.. AMAZING.

You drive through these iron arches that read "The Plantation". Then you drive past houses and houses.. the most amazing houses you have ever seen. They are all on 1 acre lots, and they are all HUGE. Each one looks different, like it was made for that particular family.


As you round the bend, you see a private park area. It has a jungle gym, swings, picnic tables, poles for volleyball nets, cages for batting.. just a mini park area for all residents.

Then you come to a T intersection. If you go right, you go down to the private boat docks. There are about 8 slots and a launching area. Nice.. very nice. If you take the T to the left.. you hit the jackpot.. the biggest and most beautiful houses in the neighborhood. They all back up to the bay.

Of course.. the house we wanted.. was on this street.. the beautiful.. rich.. street.

As we approached the house.. we held our breaths.. then released as we looked up and saw it...

It was not as beautiful as we though. It wasn't bad, but in as good of shape as we would have wished.

The gutters needed some adjustments, the grass was wild and overgrown, the sidewalk was cracked, and two of the columns on the front porch were missing. These were just things that we saw right away. Repairable.. if the house was worth it. But still.. Strike 1.

After calling the agent, we found out that this house was a short sell, which means the bank owns it. Great.. strike 2. They would want us to buy it right away, and we have another house to sell. Not good.

Finally, the agent arrived and we got the golden key to look at the house. The entry way wasn't grand, but still beautiful. Carpet downstairs was good; bookshelves were a bonus. The half bath was recently redone.. and redone beautifully.. I couldn't have done it better. Kitchen.. beautiful - check!... Breakfast area - Loved it! - check!... Dining room was good.. Laundry room doors were placed weird, but do able. Garage was a dream for the family. Two cars fit in the main slot and it had a mini garage built onto the back for ATV's and lawnmowers.... John was in heaven. Then the master bedroom came... Disaster... oh sweet disaster... The carpet had all kinds of stains in it, but yea.. replaceable.. Master bedroom closet was a dream. The bathroom was not... white tile.. for miles and miles.. old, cheap, white tile. Yuck. The shower was so small.. my left butt cheek.. MIGHT fit in it. Then the agent came in and informed us that there had been a ton of problems in the master bath and that it had flooded before, along with the master bedroom.. STRIKE 3!! We are OUTTA here!! I could see the water spots in the carpet... I could see the bowing of the walls and the baseboards.. I could see the nasty looking attempts to patch everything.. not good. I was finished.

Joshua loved the stairs, so we ventured up to see what was in store. Up here, it was very evident that ALL the carpet would need replacing.

The first bedroom was cute.. nice size.. built in benches that serve as toy boxes, but a very small closet, very small. This would make a nice play room though.

Second room was a office, complete with a giant desk.. not bad.

Third room was huge, had better closets, but looked kinda girly.

Forth room was large as well, had a good closet, but was oddly shaped. It had a bench seat, which was really cool, but I didn't like the fact that you had full access to the attic through here. Still... it could have work...

If I hadn't seen the master bedroom or bathroom.

So.. it wasn't for us.. we decided that for the money we would have to put into it to get it fixed, there were several other houses that were newer and not in 'as bad' condition as this one.

I will continue to troll the HAR website and look at floorplans until I do find the one for us.

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