Monday, January 24, 2011

The Day Of Appointments

So Today was a eventful day.. In the rain.. Yuck. Seriously.. I DO love rain. I love for it to rain on a Sunday, when we are all cozy and warm inside our house. I don't like it raining when I am trying to run errands. I think I changed clothes 3 times yesterday before it was all said and done.

Yes.. that is rain on the ranch. Not snow! Oh how I would LOVE for it to be snow though.

My day started out with appointments.. Appointment for me to get my eyes checked.... I swear, they rip you off because you have to buy designer glasses, they don't carry anything else at my insurance approved places. So I looked through the Versace, DKNY, and Gucci glasses.. and decided on a modest pair of Rampage glasses.

Glasses.. CHECK!!

Next appointment was for my car. It needed a oil change bad... and when I say bad.. it was really bad.. I was like way to many miles over. My light wasn't flashing and screaming at me yet, which makes me surprised, but it was time. I was in and out in 20 minutes.

Oil change.. CHECK!!

Next appointment was for Joshua's surgery. We had to see the Ear, Nose and Throat nurse so that we can get everything squared away for Joshua's surgery on February first. Got our debt settled with them, and everything is good to go.

Paid for Doctor.. CHECK!!

Next Appointment was to register for the Hospital. This one did not go so well. By this point, no nap had been taken and we had a mini meltdown. He did not want to go to the bathroom. I had to carry him, kicking and screaming. I swear people thought I was abusing him, but all I really wanted him to do... was go to the bathroom. Last time I check, that was NOT torture.

Registered for Hospital.. CHECK!!

Last Appointment.. thankfully.. was the blood work. This turned out to be the worst. Joshua normally can handle needles.. he is not afraid.. he is SUPER JAWAH!! .. Not today though.. he cried like you wouldn't believe. I think this is the first time I have ever heard him cry from a needle. Afterwards though, he graciously got his stickers and lolly pop before announcing to everyone that he has a boo-boo.

Blood Work.. CHECK!!

Crazy rain and appointments all day.. CHECK!!

Glad the day is over. Off to get a bite to eat at a new restaurant in Winnie call Senor Toro's. Before leaving Joshua had to pack Granna's purse full of toys so that he would have something to do while waiting on the food.

While at the restaurant, he decides that his cars need to be fixed, but that he needs to get a closer look. So, he goes to get Granna's 'asses' as he calls them. All the cars were fixed in just a few minutes. He is a great mechanic!

Without the rain, and the temper tantrum.. today was a pretty good day for The Smith's.

Oh.. I do want to share a blonde joke that happened for real today. We were getting into a elevator, when a blonde lady followed in behind us. My mom let Joshua punch the number 3 since we were going to the third floor. Then my mom turned to asked the lady which floor she needed. The lady replied, first floor, please press 1. My mom looked puzzled for a second and said, "Maam, this is the first floor." The lady turned a deep shade of red as the doors closed in on us and just replied, "Oh I need to go to suite 180, but I guess I will ride up with you guys." Silly Crazy!! hehe.

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