Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seven On Sundays

1. My sleeping Angel.
2. Optumis Prime... or 'Optis Pime' as Joshua says it. Mommy & Daddy watching Hawaii 5-0 in the background.
3. It was so cold today, we had to light the fireplace. I am aware that we dont have any logs.. we have look and looked for them, but around here, you can only buy them in a huge kit, and we don't need the whole kit.
4. Joshua trying to figure out how to put Bumblebee.. or 'Bumbbee' as he says it.
5. Pinic in the living room since it was too cold outside. Ignore my clothes hanging up, today was also laundry day.
6. Joshua standing on the fire truck at Landon's party. He had a blast, but was so scared the fire truck was going to take off.
7. The fire fighters let Joshua play with the water hose and put out a pretend fire. Joshua was so excited and smiled from ear to ear the whole time.

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