Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Day Of Birthday's

Today was a event filled day. We started out with a ride around the block on the Kubota to go visit Mandy at her house. Being as the whole block from my parents house includes all their pasture fields... we went through so much mud and cow patties, it made me queezy.. but we made it!! In the freezing cold. Joshua, had a blast. He loves riding the Kubota RTV.. it was one of the best investments Grandpa could of made in Joshua's eyes. I forgot my camera for the ride, but once we got to the shop and Mandy and Ryan's house, Joshua had to sit on every tractor and visit the pig before heading home.

Once home, Joshua decided he wanted a snack. He looked around and found a popcorn tin. He loves himself some popcorn! However.. he decided to get a bowl and pour the popcorn straight from the tin into the bowl. He tipped the tin over.. and this is what happened....

Joshua did try help cleaning up, but it then became a game to him and he was just pushing popcorn all over the floor. So.. I gave him another job.. helping Granna cook...

Luckily, it was time for Olivia's party, so we headed over to their house. Joshua had a blast, and Olivia loved all her presents.

Joshua became the first customer at his cousin Hannah's Beauty Shop.. and I had to laugh out loud as I caught this on camera...

He looks like he is in the torture chamber.

After the party, we went back home for Uncle Ryan's Birthday party. Here are a few shots of his party. It wasn't quite as funny as Hannah's Beauty Parlor, but we always have a blast with friends and family.

This cow actually belonged to my grandfather, who passed away in 2006. It was one of my brothers favorite toys when going over to visit my grandparents, so my grandmother decided to pass it down to Ryan.

All in all.. it was a great day.. filled with birthday parties, and we had a blast!

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