Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Dream Room

Since Fall of 2000 I have dreamed of my very own scraproom. The kind that is so organized, but fully stocked of anything you could ever ask for. My room. My heaven. My escape. My creation.

Today I was browsing and came across a few photos of dream rooms I would love. When we build our new house, it WILL have a scraproom, just for me.

I love this one.. although I am not so into the colors. I would love like a turquoise and black or green and black. But isn't it pretty!! I like how everything is put away. I am a little OCD at times and hate messes, so this would cover everything nicely and give me enough room to work without leaving a big mess.

This next scraproom is my dream one. I found this one just surfing the web. Not sure where it comes from, but whoever own this.. is one lucky gal.

I even LOVE the colors of this one. One day.. I will get my scraproom, but until then.. its nice to look and dream.

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