Friday, January 21, 2011

The Two And A Half Year Old

It's official. I have a two and half year old. I don't really know how that differs from a two year old.. he talks more.. he demands more.. he helps himself to the refrigerator when no one is looking. I guess that is really the only difference.

He is making strides in the potty training department. Today at school he stayed in his big boy 'panties', as he calls them, all day long. He only had one accident at the end of the day. So, I would say he is doing pretty good.

After his surgery on the first of the month, we are really going to start potty training hard and heavy. I can't wait because not having to run out every few days for pull ups is going to be great!

Since we have a full day tomorrow, we decided to go to Granna and Papa's for the night. Joshua found all the new toys that Granna bought for him.

After dinner, Joshua wanted to see the baby kittens. He was so excited to see them and play with them. He kept saying, "aww how Coout". Olive is the only one that has a name right now because she is the only one that we can tell apart from the others. She has some brown on her coat and a little of white around one paw.

After Joshua almost stepping on the kittens a few times, the whole family intervened and decided to help Joshua play with the kittens... after all.. there are four of them.

Joshua then decided that they needed to learn all about Hot Wheels and Cars. He neatly lined up the cars to show them off.

And finally he decided that Olive needed a ride on his 18 wheeler. Olive lasted about 10 seconds before she decided that truck driving was definitely not in her future.

He is asleep now in the bed next to me, and I just keep thinking how lucky I am to have such a wonderful little boy that is so full of life. These past 6 months have been really hard.. I know I have yelled and stomped my feet a few times... and yes.. I would have loved them to be a little easier. However, God has blessed us with such an amazing boy and I thank him every day for bringing Joshua into our lives.

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