Friday, January 14, 2011

The Kid Who Won't Eat Turtle

So Mommy is running late from work, as usual. I know, I know. Thank god I am quiting my job. We have no groceries. Again, Bad Mommy!!! So Mr. & Mrs. Smith decide to venture out into the restaurant world. Our usually restaurant world consists of pizza places with game machines or fast food like Burger King.. where the playground keeps Little Smith occupied so that Mommy and Daddy might be able to eat in peace.

And sometimes we can even have a adult conversation. Sometimes. Most of the time.. its adult conversation mixed with a little of.. "Get down from there" or "You can't walk around with your food" or the best.. "Stop trying to kiss that little girl, she doesn't like it."

We venture out into the world and decide we are going to eat at Tortuga, a Mexican restaurant. The restaurant is mainly based in Texas and has a very large Sea Turtle for the logo. And they sent us coupons in the mail... so yea.. we will try it.

As we pull into the parking lot, Little Smith is screaming at us that he doesn't want to go here. Then he proceeds to announce that he "doesn't want to eat turtle." John and I are hiding our giggles as we park the car and try to explain to him that they don't serve turtle at this restaurant.

Inside the first thing you see is a giant Plush Animal machine. The kind that they put there so that parents like us are down $5 before we even get a seat. Luckily, they are not crowded, and we get seated right away. Phew! Going past the machine.. when wait! Little Smith spots a Dora the Explorer doll and announces to the whole restaurant that he MUST have it.

I divert him by racing him to the table and telling him we will talk about it after he eats something.. anything. He agrees to that, but gets up when the lady walks away from our table with his tractor cup in hand. He tells us that she is stealing it from him and he is 'not happy.' But within a few minutes she returns and all is well and 'happy' again in Joshualand.

Dinner was success. Food was even better than we remembered from our previous visit. Little Smith didn't eat much, but he never does for dinner. He requests that we save his food for tomorrow though and starts screaming at the lady that 'he needs a box.' Embarrassing yes... everyone look at you when you have a 2 year old demanding across the room that the lady MUST bring him a box.

Getting Dora, was not so successful. After being $3 poorer, I decided enough was enough and I could probably buy a Dora for the same amount of money I would spend trying to get her. Plus really... who wants their little boy carrying around a girl doll... but I tried.. I really did.. However, Dora will stay asleep in the plush box at Tortuga.

When I told Joshua I was out of money, he wouldn't take No for a answer. He persistent. I get that. It runs through his veins. So does impatience. Mommy won't get him Dora, so he will figure out a way!! His way just involves going around begging every person he can for quarters and making Mommy look like a mean, poor, villain. Mean.. sometimes... Poor.. all the time (I have a 2 year old)... Villain.. Never.

He did get a quarter and ended up getting some sticky hand thing from the quarter machine. I guess the kid got smart and realized that you can never lose with the quarter machines that have to spit out something.

All in all... family outing night was a success. A slight Embarrassing. Always Hilarious. Success.

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