Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Dream House

I found it.. at least I believe I did.. I really LOVE this house. We haven't been to see the inside of it yet.. but from it's listing, it sounds like a dream come true. We aren't really in the market for a new house.. well we are.. but getting ours sold is going to be a huge hassle because the market is not good for sellers right now.

John will tell you that some nights I live on the HAR website where I can browse through dozens and dozens of houses. I talk to him all the time about all the dreams I have. Heck... last week I posted a dream floorplan I would love to build.

Yes.. I am a dreamer..

Anyways.. if we couldn't build.. and if we could buy this now.. it is my dream home. It's 3200+ square feet and the price is right. With 4 bedrooms and a office we have plenty of growing room.

Without further ado.. my dream house of the week... haha...

Love the living room... HATE the light fixture.. it would totally have to go. Nothing brass in my house.

Love the classy dark wood.. love the see through cabinets..

Light fixtures have to go.. those shades have to go.. new seat cusions because I am not digging the maroon...

Light fixture and curtains have to go...

All in all.. so far I only see cosmetic things. I wish they had more pictures posted because I am afraid if we do schedule a showing.. I will want it with a passion. And when I want.. I get.. I am just not sure we are ready.

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