Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Sickly Weekend

Ugh.. so this weekend totally sucks. I feel like death twice over.. or at least what I think it would feel like.

I started a new medication.. and it is not going well. The doctor's say I have to give it time...... so I am.

No.. I am not super sick or anything, this is just a regular medication that I have to take daily and my body is not responding well to the adjustments in hormones it's making.

Thankfully, my mother and father were so willing to help out and have taken Joshua for the day so that I can rest. This medicine makes me nauseous and fatigued. I have slept most of the day.. and watched TV while folding clothes the rest of the day. If Joshua were here... I have a feeling it would be a lot worse. My mother is amazing with him though, and I know she loves him very much. She has more patience than I do with him because I am still learning.

Hopefully I will be feeling better soon... I have a lot I would love to blog about... until then.. I'm off to get more rest.

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