Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Meatballs and The Boy

"A boy is trust with dirt on it's face, beauty with a cut on it's finger, wisdom with bubble gum in it's hair, and the hope of the future with a frog in it's pocket. Wonder. Dream. Play. Explore. Find. Discover."

Today was Winnie the Pooh day at school. The kids were suppose to dress up as a character or wear Winnie the Pooh gear. Being as my 2 year old is as tall as a 4 year old, we had to have a shirt especially made for him. It was cute and he looked adorable that morning. I was ready to load him up in the car.. when it happened.

He threw a fit... dum dum dum.... typical. He didn't want to wear jeans, he wanted to wear 'Mater' pants. I tried to explain to him that he couldn't wear any cartoon pants to school because those are sleep pants. He didn't buy it. I took him and showed him the drawer of pants that he could pick from. He wasn't happy, but he found some that decently matched. .. a little.. maybe.. what kid doesn't match every now and then.

Off to school. .... I sent him clean.. a tiny bit mismatched.. but clean.. with a T-shirt that fit him. And this is what comes home to me.....

Looks like a PreK mug shot right?? hahaha... All I could do is look him up and down and ask.. "What happened to your shirt?"

He had one answer for me..... "MEATBALLS".

I say.. "Meatballs?" ... he shakes his head and says again.. "Meatballs".

I asked if he got attacked by them.. he replies with a simple.. "Yes"

Meatballs attached my son today.

I am still unsure why his neck is so stretched out.. maybe the meatballs attempted to pull off his clothing.. weird.

Apparently that is not all that attacked him. I have no idea where he got that scratch on his face, nor does he. He keeps saying that Pooh Bear did it.. doubtful because I know Toy Story is real and all.. but I just don't believe sweet Pooh is capable of clawing a face.

He did get his first battle scar of PreK today though.. for real. No unknown scratches.. no falling on the floor and hitting his head himself.. or tripping. Someone was upset with him for playing with a toy that they wanted... instead of patiently waiting.. apparently they thought Joshua's arm looked tasty.. maybe they thought it was a six inch sub... pfft.. meatball sub... haha.... but.. they decided to bite him. He has a perfect little set of teeth embedded around his elbow. He will tell you who did it.. I don't want to point any fingers.... but Luna.. he is saying its you.

The rest of the school day went great according to his teacher. He brought home a star covered in glitter and told me that it was his princess star. Announcing he was a princess got a few dirty glances from his daddy... but he will live.

The day as a whole.. was a pretty good day. Now if I can only figure out how to keep Joshua from putting mulch in his pockets.. it would be even better. But for now.. it's our crazy, beautiful life.

Ps. This picture is too funny!!!

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