Friday, May 13, 2011

The Kemah Boardwalk

It was Friday evening... I was tired.. I did NOT want to cook. John wanted a sit down dinner.. he really wanted to go to Rooster's a hole in the wall country food kitchen that is yummy.

But.. I had a different idea.

I wanted excitement.. adventure.. I wanted to go to Kemah.

Not that it's really exciting or adventurous... we live only 20 minutes away.. but.. I love the sea town feel. I love the boats. I love the dock. I love the live music they have and the old wooden roller coaster.

I just love Kemah.

Reminds me of my summers at Crystal Beach with my family.

We ate at our favorite place, the Aquarium.

Joshua, of course.. loved his food. He even ate the calamari.

Dancing to the beat of his own drum! He was having lots of fun!

Then we headed outside to the splash pad. Joshua was so unsure at first, but then decided to brave the water... ran straight through.. and laughed uncontrollably. He was having a blast!

Joshua was in love with this bird. We have no idea what kind of bird it is, but it must have been use to people because it let us get very close to it.

Then it was off to the playground for some fun.

On our way home.. Joshua said the magic words...

"Mommy, Daddy... I had fun!!"

Those words make my heart melt and lets me know we are doing something right.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time and love the pics of Joshua! He sure had a good time!