Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Sprinkler Boys

This was a sad day for us. The end of a era you could say... a 4 year era... small.. but big to us.

Today was one of the last days that our favorite neighbors would be home to play. 

I know.. I am mourning the loss like they are gone forever.. but they are not!!! We will still make plans with them and the boys. They will be our friends forever.  However, its just sad for us because we have gotten so attached to them. It's been so easy to run over to their house just to say hi, or have a shoulder to cry on.. or to laugh with. I will miss our talks. I will miss the boys playing. I will just miss them.

But today.. we are trying to not think about it.. we are laughing.. having fun.. letting the boys play.

He was trying to stand on the hose, but just ended up falling on his hiney.

Sweet Baby Cole.

I know this one is fuzzy, but it melts my heart. I love seeing the boys standing there together.

It was a wonderful afternoon.

A great one in fact.

We were outside until the blue skys turned gray.. and the boys were all pruned up and ready for bath.

One of the best afternoons.....

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  1. Love this one! I miss Cole too! They have been so busy packing and moving! It's so nice to have great neighbors. What a sweet post!