Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks At School

Today was Joshua Thanksgiving party at school. He was all smiles as I arrived to sit down with him.

The children got to pick whether they wanted to wear a pilgrim hat or a Indian hat.

Joshua said he wanted to be a "pildian".. half Pilgrim.. half Indian..   only my child..

Granna was on her way home from the hospital. (She finally got one drain out). So her and Grandpa stopped by to join in the celebration.  Joshua kept telling his friends that the party was for him.... and he even thanked them for coming to his party. It was cute...  I explained to him over and over what the party was for, but he still insisted that the party was in celebration of him.

The teachers made place mats that the children could bring home and this is what Joshua's said....

He is ready to go on our Disney cruise... only a year left!! haha..

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